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5 Event Networking Metrics to Help You Succeed


    Jan 31, 20234 min read

    Event organizers know how much time, resources, and nerves go into organizing and hosting an event. But even if you carefully planned out every segment of the event, how will you know that your event was successful?

    Networking events are a fantastic opportunity to meet potential customers, partners, and collaborators, but it's crucial to know exactly how to track and evaluate your progress. In this article, we'll go through crucial metrics that might help you maximize your event matchmaking and reach your objectives. So, whether you're an experienced event professional or just starting out, keep reading to learn how to fully utilize the power of AI event networking.

    1. Number of meetings

    This first event networking metric is an obvious one - more meetings means more people networking. It is a simple metric, and it goes without saying the higher the number of meetings, the greater the networking.

    However, don’t let this figure deceive you. The number of meetings is not as important as their quality. Picture a business representative who wants to pursue new clients and schedules 30 meetings, but none are with potential customers. Despite the number of meetings, the business representative failed to fulfill his goal, which can contribute to your event's success.

    2. Participants with meetings

    For the event to be a success, attendees must not only join the virtual event networking platform, but also actively use it and schedule meetings. If fewer than half of those who signed up for your platform have scheduled meetings, you might want to look more closely at your networking approach to see what can be changed.

    While organizing a successful event can be exciting, it can also be extremely stressful. Plus, with the stakes this high, we could all use a little additional help.

    Because of this, the b2match virtual event networking tool provides a broad range of services, including a one-hour consulting session before you start setting up your event. Our event customer support team will help you determine your primary objectives and assist you in achieving them by creating an original event strategy just for your event.

    It is always a good idea to search online for some event ideas to boost registrations, so that you can expand your participant pool and ensure there is diversity at your event.

    3. Matchmaking metrics

    When it comes to improving the quality of meetings, AI-powered matchmaking is the answer.

    By now, it should be no surprise that AI matchmaking simplifies event networking. For example, it can help event planners understand guests' motivations for attending, such as employment, networking, gaining new leads, purchasing a service or product, and other factors.

    You'll receive a good amount of useful data insights throughout your event. AI-powered matchmaking ensures that organizers have access to accurate data, allowing for exact and trustworthy data analysis.

    An AI-powered matchmaking software, like b2match, helps event planners gather information on attendees, such as their target exhibitors and interest areas. Additionally, it helps attendees choose the best possible business matches.

    4. Meeting ratings

    Encourage attendees to voice their opinions!

    Attendees should be able to rate each individual meeting they had using the event matchmaking software you use to manage events. An essential indicator of their satisfaction and the event's true effectiveness is the quality of the interactions your participants have with one another.

    Measurable meeting ratings usually involve:

    • If a meeting actually occurred

    • Lack of enthusiasm among the meeting participants

    • No further contact is planned after the meeting

    • Although, highly informative, no cooperation planned

    • Possibility of cooperation

    • Collaboration is already planned

    5. Post-event surveys

    However, one software will not be able to capture the complexity of participant satisfaction. The abovementioned data can be run and examined during and shortly after the event.

    This is why you should utilize a second measurement method.

    For a more complete picture of the event's success, you can include additional questions for your attendees in a post-networking event survey. It is advisable to put more thought into your post-event survey to get more insightful data and learn how to improve next time.

    When constructing your post-event survey, keep in mind that your form should be brief, so it doesn't take more than 5 minutes to fill. The first questions should be general, simple to respond to, and the most essential. Keep your following questions brief, precise, and straightforward.

    The ideal time to send out the survey is 12 to 24 hours after the event starts, while the audience is still enthused about it.

    Networking is one of the top three reasons to attend an event, which is why you should always organize your event strategy around this.

    Monitoring the relevant networking metrics will enable you to evaluate your networking approach and measure your success. Additionally, once you have mastered the art of event networking, you will harvest several additional advantages, like improved audience engagement, increased sponsorship opportunities, and higher CSAT and ticket retention rates.

    The b2match all-in-one event management software incorporates multiple tools in its platform to measure the success of virtual, in-person, and hybrid event networking. So don't hesitate! Contact our sales team now.

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