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Creative Online Recruiting Event Ideas to Boost Registrations


Dec 6, 20225 min read

Any event's success is heavily dependent on its attendance. As an event planner, you can set several goals for your events, such as promoting the business, increasing brand recognition, or just making money by selling tickets. On the other hand, without participants, you will not achieve your goals. Therefore, the best approach is to encourage candidates to register for your event.

This post will go through some recruiting event ideas that may boost event registration rates and draw more people to your future virtual job fairs and recruiting events.

Consider going virtual

Nowadays, conducting initial interviews and hiring over a virtual recruiting event software is widespread. That presents some intriguing chances to broaden your recruiting efforts in a creative way, and it may also offer new insights into the hiring and recruiting process. You could be shocked by the results when you employ new recruiting strategies.

Due to their overall technological fondness and the response to the epidemic, younger workers frequently have higher expectations for workplace facilities and the option to work remotely. You might wonder what employers should bring to a job fair to attract top prospects. The most prosperous businesses are currently adjusting to and implementing changes and developments. How you frame your recruiting efforts has a stronger impact on the success of a job fair than what you bring physically. Adjusting to new realities frequently generates fresh ideas for recruitment-related events.

Going virtual and utilizing a virtual recruiting event management software like b2match may attract younger workers. Virtual events are cost-effective and convenient, and it is proven that participants engage more than at an in-person recruiting event.

Develop an event strategy and effective marketing campaign

Understandably, you can't just decide to host an event, produce content to promote it, and hope that everything goes well. Instead, you should take the time to develop and improve an event plan that outlines your objectives, the kind of event you'll host, and the profile of your target attendees. Boosting brand awareness, engaging and educating candidates and/or employees, and developing stronger sponsor/partner relationships are some event goals that could shape your event strategy.

It is essential to create an event marketing plan that details how you will achieve your goals and make sure people see your content after you've worked out your event strategy. In your marketing plan, you should include thorough information about your event website, email campaigns, event theme and value proposition, event messaging, graphics and design, sponsorships and joint marketing, and social media marketing. Build an eye-catching landing page!

One of the most crucial responsibilities when organizing virtual recruiting events is informing participants of all the pertinent information. An event landing page is helpful in this situation. In contrast to your main website, an event landing page is a single page designed specifically to convert visitors into leads. When users click on the contextual, banner, or targeted ads on Facebook, email newsletters, Google search ads, or other digital venues, they "land" on the event landing page. Each of these "landings" is a part of a marketing campaign that aims to reach a specific audience.

b2match online recruiting event software offers a wide range of features that can help you design the perfect landing page. You can change the landing page's color palette accurately represent your company and add appealing information to pique interest. b2match makes it easier to communicate with people from all around the world by offering the option to configure the page in several different languages. To ensure that every participant gets the same experience, you can use b2match to create an optimized, mobile-friendly version of your landing page. On your landing page you should include the event's time, date, and location, its main goal and the justification for attendees, its sponsors, speakers, and presenters, quotes and video testimonials from previous attendees, the event's sponsors, speakers, and presenters, and finally, live chat support.

Simplify the registration process

The registration page is a great place to collect pertinent data that will assist in better event planning. Because of this, it is crucial to know how to make a visually appealing registration page for a virtual recruiting event. Every event has a different set of goals, so every registration form for an event should gather different information. The platform you use for processing registrations and your marketing tactics will also enhance attendees' experiences and help your event succeed. Your form needs to be concise. You run the risk of deterring users from completing registration by flooding them with inquiries. If possible, try to keep the number of questions to 10 or even fewer.

By utilizing recruiting events solutions like b2match, you have the power. What information users provide upon registration and how their profiles will look is up to you. With b2match, you can establish various ticket types, tailor the registration form to the participant group, and include promotional codes to entice more people to register. If your event has venue space limits or if you wish to make your event more exclusive, b2match gives you the option to limit the number of participants who can register for the entire event or specific sessions.

Promote your event

When organizing a recruitment event, attracting the right people to attend is the biggest hurdle. Even the most appealing event cannot ensure registrations before people know about it. That necessitates marketing during the whole event, from pre-event preparation to post-event analysis. Start your marketing campaign by announcing your upcoming event and sharing it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to expand your event marketing because it offers the options of ads, groups, pushing through your company page, and even self-promotion. Event email marketing is another wise decision. Send email newsletters to your carefully curated email list to inform them about upcoming events. On your organization's website, advertise the event as a header, blog post, news item, or any other way you see fit. Contact other businesses and promote business-to-business meetings at your event to spread the news. When using the b2match career fair recruiting software, your event attendees will have the best virtual event networking experience possible thanks to rich participant profiles, adjustable filters, and an AI-Powered profile recommender.

Send reminder emails

Your best friend when it comes to encouraging registration is reminder emails. Most registrants will forget they've registered for an event and will need some encouragement to do so. Just keep in mind to send reminders to various groups at different times. The day before an event is the ideal time to send out reminder emails.

You must understand a prospect's decision-making process to persuade them to attend an event. When planning an event, there are several things to consider if you wish to attract more attendees, including a simple online registration process, specific goals and objectives, and investing more time in promoting your event. For your future recruiting event, try putting these event ideas into practice and congratulate yourself for a job well done.

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