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Event Management Software for Networking Events

An all-in-one event management solution for virtual, hybrid, and physical events specialized in b2b matchmaking.

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Your Trusted Partner

We know that you not only need an event management platform, but also a trusted partner. Our customer success managers work with you to ensure your events are a success.
More than 4,500 events
In 93 countries
With 730,000 participants
b2match scheduled networking

Why Business
Matchmaking Is Important

Events are made for people, and people have expectations. Meeting them and maximizing satisfaction, via goal-oriented b2b matchmaking, is crucial.

Impactful Benefits for You and Your Participants

Save time

Save time

Less administrative workload due to participants’ own activities. End-to-end automation of event workflow.

Flexible and reliable

Flexible and reliable

Highly flexible event technology to meet your exact needs. Customer success managers you can rely on.

Attract more visitors

Attract more visitors

Highlight profiles of registered participants to attract more attendees.

Get more out of your event

Get more out of your event

Elevate typical networking to business matchmaking. Upgrade your event to become a collaboration hub sought after by participants.

Save time

Save time

Pre-arrange meetings with several promising business partners of your choice, in one day and location.

Meets your needs

Meets your needs

Communicate what you have to offer and find exactly what you need, with perfectly adjusted cooperation profiles.

More collaborations

More collaborations

Focus on the most relevant participants and build meaningful connections to initiate collaborations.

Higher satisfaction

Higher satisfaction

Leave an event with real value - connections that matter.

Upcoming Events

Textile Connect 2021 - Virtual matchmaking

Textile connect is the platform that connects companies/designers looking for production partners with manufacturers, service providers and suppliers within the textile and footwear industry.

1 Jun 2021
300 participants
119 meetings
230 sessions
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EACP Virtual B2B - Aerospace Applications & Technologies

Inspiring conference by European aerospace stakeholders and B2B-meetings promise market insights and new business contacts.

8 Jun 2021
530 participants
240 meetings
350 sessions
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NERSANT Business 2021

Nersant Business Event 2021 is a multi-sectorial event, where buyers will have the opportunity to arrange virtual meetings with Portuguese suppliers.

14 Jun 2021
175 participants
380 meetings
130 sessions
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What Customers Say About Us

As an organizer of events who has been using b2match since many years for each matchmaking event in all kind of different sectors, I can say the participants are very happy with the matchmaking, the information they gather during the b2b meetings, and the new partnerships and customers they find. For me as an organizer, the tool is very easy to use, it is fast to create an event, I am supported by a fast helpdesk, and it has no downtime.

René de Groot

Kamer van Koophandel

9 years customer
100+ events organized

"I am pleased to say that the virtual b2b event that we hosted went very well. Meetings went ahead without any technical challenge and the feedback to date has been very positive. Thanks for getting the site up and running in the short timeframe."

Alex Mauser

Operations and Development Manager, Enterprise Europe Network

2 years customer
11+ events organized

When organizing an event with more than 400 enterprises, the easiness to manage the participants profiles and quickly overview their status with b2match is priceless.

Iago Garcia

Gestor de Projectes de Cooperació Tecnològica Internacional / Indústria 4.0 – Materials avançats

7 years customer
15+ events organized

We’ve used other platforms before, b2match offers the most customizable solution and high-quality support which went above and beyond to make our event work efficiently.

Jim Hodgson

GWE Business West Ltd

1 years customer
2 events organized

The b2match platform is very flexible and can be adapted according to almost every requirement regarding event organisation and networking activities. But it is still easy to use. If you have to organise a matchmaking event, b2match is the most comfortable way to do this.

Doerthe Zeese

Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH

10 years customer
50+ events organized

Just to let you know that the event went great and the platform proved to be a good solution. We had no major problems and it seems to me that the participants coped quite well.

Antonija Zrno

University of Zagreb Faculty of Mining, Geology, and Petroleum Engineering

1 years customer
1 events organized

The event went really well today and the platform for the meetings worked a treat. Many thanks for all your help with the event.

Maria Johnston

DCU Invent, Dublin City University

4 years customer
2 events organized

Thank you very much for your excellent support during the whole organisation of this event, it was a pleasure working with you. The platform fitted perfectly for our event, and the participants, exhibitors, and the client were very happy with the result.

Elena Ciudad

Downtown Europe

1 years customer
1 events organized

I would like to thank you for this excellent cooperation and collaboration during the Tunisia Africa E-Business meetings. The use of your platform contributed to the success of this important event in which more than 1,000 participants took part, and thanks to b2match we recorded the effective organization of more than 1,000 online meetings. The majority of companies who participated in the event are satisfied with the functionalities of your platform.

Mehdi Ben Ghedhifa

Business Advisor / CEPEX

2 years customer
2 events organized

The virtual event International Mobility Days 2020 was fantastic! So many of our +1.200 participants from 65 nations highlighted the excellent and easy technical usability of b2match, especially regarding the conference´s streaming and the virtual 1:1 meetings.

Mag. Beatriz Schönstein-Wippel

Aussenwirtschaft Austria Mobility

2 years customer
35+ events organized

We recently used b2match to manage the "European Hydrogen Week" attended by 2,500+ participants. Beside a reliable and stable event management platform, a responsive professional and personal support is equally important. b2match is a very powerful tool, easy to manage, that allows tailor made solutions with an excellent customer service. In this respect I wanted to thank you in the name of our team for the constant help and support received from b2match during the preparation and development of the conference.

Alfonso Moreno Pombo

VO Europe

1 years customer
2 events organized

With very short notice, we had to change from an (originally planned) physical event to a virtual one. With b2match we found a partner for this. From the first contact to the implementation of the event, we felt we were in good hands. Thank you to the b2match team.

Theo-Josef Sandu

Composites United Switzerland

1 years customer
3 events organized

The b2match portal is very intuitive. It satisfied our expectations regarding the very helpful features to manage the participants. We really appreciated the virtual solution that b2match provided us in order to overcome the Covid virus. The support office of b2match was always helpful and quick.

Julian Lombardo

Enterprise Europe Network - EEN

3 years customer
3 events organized

I used b2match at leading trade fairs and was always enthusiastic about the targeted way business people from all over the world can use it to meet. My renewed use of the tool - now a virtual event with lectures, round tables and matchmaking - also worked very well. As an organizer, you can rely on the expertise of the team and the sophisticated functions of the tool. We will certainly use b2match again.

Annelies Bruhne

Evangelischer Verband Kirche Wirtschaft Arbeitswelt

6 years customer
4 events organized

As organisers, we are very happy with the b2match platform and the variety of available tools. Also, we received a lot of positive feedback from both types of participants, which is actually the most important for us. Regarding the next editions, b2match definitely stands as our top choice to work with a virtual platform again.

Aurélian Quinet

Responsables Job Fair Engineers

1 years customer
1 events organized

I would like to thank all the team behind b2match for being crucial towards the success of our event. Your interface is very user-friendly and works great for such events.

Kevin Mizzi

Malta Chamber of Commerce

3 years customer
7 events organized