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Product Update

Enhanced Information Flow with In-App Notifications

Struggling to ensure your participants never miss a beat with event updates? Our latest feature, In-App Notifications, is here to help! These notifications deliver timely and interactive alerts right to your participants' fingertips, enhancing their event experience like never before! Stay in the

Product Update

Cut Inbox Clutter With Email Reminder Management

Are overflowing inboxes causing chaos for your event participants? We understand! That's why we're excited to introduce our latest feature designed to streamline your communication process and ensure that crucial messages receive the attention they deserve. With our new email reminder frequency mana

Product Update

Regain Control of On-Site Attendee Numbers!

Struggling to manage on-site attendee numbers at your events? Feeling the pinch of venue capacity limitations while trying to keep ticket sales rolling? We understand the challenge. As an event organizer, balancing the desire for packed venues with the reality of physical constraints can be a heada

Product Update

Generating Organization Descriptions with the Help of AI

A new enhancement has been added to our event networking platform that will change the way participants create their organization pages. The new ChatGPT API from OpenAI brings seamless organization description generation to your participants’ fingertips. Gone are the days of painstakingly crafting o

Product Update

Networking Just Became More Streamlined with The Meetings Widget

What is a networking event platform without an extensive toolbox designed exclusively for networking? Here at b2match, we're constantly finding for new ways to facilitate networking at your event. Prepare for another impactful update – the Meetings Widget, carefully designed to streamline networkin


Before and After: How the Rebuilt Mobile Event App Facilitates Matchmaking and Navigating Your Event

Staying connected is key, no matter where you are. Because we understand how important this is, we recently launched a completely remodeled and upgraded version of the b2match mobile event app. Now, your participants can seamlessly access your event right from their fingertips, with some exclusive n