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Product Update

Group Conversations to Make Event Networking a Breeze

We are very happy to present the newest version of our event messaging feature! Now participants can easily create new conversations and chat with multiple people at the same time, making event networking a breeze. Group Conversations Bring Participants Together The new conversations are designed t

Product Update

Upcoming Meetings Reminder via Email for Seamless Networking Experience

We've just released a new notification for community management platforms and events with post event matchmaking - email reminder for upcoming meetings! We know that networking can be a busy and hectic process, so we want to make sure your participants never miss a meeting. With our new email remind


Harness the Power of Attendee Social Media Posts for Your Networking Events

Whether you're organizing a small networking event or a large conference, can enhance your hybrid, virtual or in-person event engagement. allows you, the event organizer, to collect content posted by event attendees and speakers using your event’s hashtag. The “wall” of content, wh


Status Page for Maintenance and More

We have created a b2match status page, where you can follow the operational status of our event networking platform, as well as other key features and services. A status page is a place that allows us to communicate scheduled maintenances and, in the 1% chance of us being down for a few moments, a p

Product Update

AI Powered Profile Recommendations Just Got Better

We've made a promise that our AI powered recommender system will only get better with time. This time, thanks to your valuable feedback, we have made an improvement that will hopefully help your participants to book even more meetings! Participants can now mark certain recommended profiles as not in

Product Update

Enhance the Virtual Networking Experience with

Take your event to the next level and simulate the onsite networking experience with! is an interactive virtual space used for networking and hangouts. Participants can bump into each other and have a quick chat, just like they would on a standard onsite networking event. It is