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Get An Exclusive First Look At Our Biggest Update Ever

It's almost here. Our biggest update yet. For the past several months our designers and developers have been working tirelessly on a completely new and unique b2match event website. Every page has been rebuilt from the bottom up. It was designed and optimized to provide the best possible user experi

Creating group meetings manually with b2match

Product Update

Create & Schedule Meetings Directly From The Organizer Tool

Meeting management has been a core feature of b2match since our very beginning, and we have been improving our event networking software ever since. Our goal is to create the ultimate b2b event matchmaking platform for the perfect participant experience and a user friendly way of requesting and sche

Exhibitor company page on a b2match event

Product Update

Cover Photo Improvement To Make Exhibitors Stand Out Even More

You asked, we listened! Thanks to your feedback, we have improved our exhibitor company page. If you are using our exhibitors and sponsors features on your networking event, you may already know that certain companies can upload a cover photo to their company page. It makes the page more branded and

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Product Update

Group Meetings for the Ultimate Event Networking Experience

b2match has long been a powerful event matchmaking software for connecting participants and creating business opportunities. But what if you're organizing a networking event where participants need to manage group meetings? Well, the answer is finally here! Today, we are beyond proud and excited to

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Product Update

Always Be Prepared With Premade Email Templates

Good communication with your participants is crucial to successful event matchmaking. And what better way to do that than by sending concise and well written emails? To make your job easier, we have created email templates you can use to easily communicate with your attendees. Having pre-written mes

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Product Update

Maintain An Active User Base With Participant Activity Tracking

On networking events, active and engaged participants are important for a high number of b2b meetings. On event community platforms, which usually last a year, participant activity is even more crucial. It is hard to keep track of which participants have logged in in the past day, week, month, or mo