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B2B Event Matchmaking Software that Empowers Connections

Provide your participants with the best networking experience. Connect the right attendees and increase meeting numbers through an AI-powered b2b event matchmaking software.

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B2B $$Event Matchmaking Software$$ that Empowers Connections

Create On-Site or Remote B2B Matchmaking Meetings

With our event matchmaking software, your participants can create any type of in-person, hybrid or virtual B2B meeting they desire: 1-to-1 meetings, 1-to-many meetings, many-to-many meetings.

Goal-Oriented B2B Event Networking Starts with Visibility

  • Participant Networking Profiles

    Enable attendees to send meeting requests to interesting participants via their personal networking profiles where participants can express areas of activity, needs, and interests. All networking profiles are visible in the participant catalogue and can be enriched with documents, images and videos.

  • Company Pages

    Give more visibility to participating organizations with dedicated company pages where meetings with listed company representatives can be requested directly. On the pages, companies can present themselves as well as the business opportunities they seek collaboration for.

  • Marketplace Opportunities

    Send meeting requests to participants directly via the Marketplace where participants publish goods, services, and ideas to increase their visibility and to find suitable partners more easily. Every opportunity is presented on a separate page that can be enriched with documents, images and videos.



Connect Your Participants With AI-Powered Meeting Recommendations

b2match’s AI Meeting Recommendation system uses actual machine learning algorithms that process huge amounts of data in order to recommend interesting profiles to every participant.

  • Increased engagement and high quality matchmaking interactions
  • Understanding participants’ needs with machine learning
  • Providing relevant profile recommendations
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Use Segmentation Tools and AI to Secure Meaningful Connections

  • Participation Types

    Enable attendees to find interesting prospects more easily by segmenting them into participant types, like buyer or seller, start-up, investor, and so on, via our fully customizable registration process.

  • AI Meeting Recommender

    Let AI do the job and offer participants the possibility to get recommendations on whom to connect with, given their profiles and interests, to get qualified meetings.

  • Booking Rules

    Decide who can meet whom to steer meeting booking and to secure that meetings are booked between relevant participant groups by creating booking rules based on your event’s participation types.

  • Custom Criteria

    Create custom criteria for more granular differentiation of participants, i.e. according to specific needs, industry sub-groups, or other segmentation options relevant to your exact event.

B2B Matchmaking Features for Maximizing Meeting Numbers and Increasing Interaction

  • Meeting Agenda

    Get an overview of all accepted, pending and cancelled meetings.

  • Messaging & Chat

    Let participants directly communicate via real-time, in-platform messaging.

  • Availability

    Know when participants are bookable for meetings and see who’s online.

  • Auto Notifications

    Keep guests notified about booking requests, accepts, new messages.

  • Rich Search

    Browse and filter participants based on customizable search criteria.

  • Meeting Booking

    Decide if meetings are accepted automatically or manually.

  • Meeting Scheduling

    Use the AI-powered scheduler to autogenerate meeting schedules.

  • Performance Analytics

    Measure meeting requests, bookings, cancellations and more.

  • Bookmarking

    Bookmark interesting participant profiles and access them easily later on.

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