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All-In-One Event Management Software for B2B Networking

b2match is an all-in-one virtual, hybrid, and in-person event management software that helps you increase participants engagement and organize exciting events with ease.

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All-In-One $$Event Management Software$$ for B2B Networking

Deliver the Ultimate In-Person, Virtual & Hybrid Event Networking Experience for Your Participants

An all-in-one event management software for organizing inspiring and engaging events. Explore our features which derived from years of experience in event management.

Event Personalized Homepage.png

Personalized home page

Build Pre-Event Hype With a Custom Landing Page

First impressions matter. Easily build an eye-catching event landing page with customizable content to create a pefrect go-to place for event participants.

  • Add exciting content to drive interest
  • Customize the color palette to reflect your brand
  • Configure the page in multiple languages to expand your reach
  • Optimize the experience with a mobile-friendly version of your page
  • Promote your event on b2match events
Event Customizable Registration.png

Customizable registration

Dynamic Registration Form and Ticketing

You hold the power. Define what information participants provide when they register and what their profiles will look like.

  • Determine what kind of information participants need to fill in
  • Adjust the registration form based on the participant group
  • Set up various types of tickets and define promotional codes to attract more attendees
  • Limit the number of participants that can register for the entire event or for certain sessions
Event Interactive Agenda.png

Interactive agenda

The Event Agenda Is More Than Just a List of Sessions

Leave the bulleted lists in the past. Build a rich and interactive agenda comprised of sessions that are customizable through a variety of different settings.

  • Create online, hybrid, or on-site sessions
  • Add rich descriptions, locations, categories, topics, and more
  • Have control over which participant groups can attend them with session registration rules
  • Allow participants to select individual sessions and build their own personalized agenda
  • Set up matchmaking sessions to define specific meeting time slots

Explore the Exciting Opportunities of Virtual and Hybrid Event Features

  • Seamlessly Integrated Virtual Meetings

    Our built-in virtual meetings feature requires no additional software or plugins. Participants are one click away from potential business opportunities via 1-to-1 or group meetings.

  • Online Conferences and Livestreams

    An integrated video conferencing tool allows you to easily create any type of group sessions such as webinars, roundtables, and more. For large events, use livestreams to moderate sessions with less hassle.

  • Dynamic Attendance Types for Participants

    Distinguish between on-site and remote participants. Allow them to switch their type in case of unforeseen circumstances and automatically switch any existing meetings to online.

Empower Event Networking with the Best AI-Powered Matchmaking Feature

Increase the number of b2b meetings on your event. Rich participant profiles, customizable filters, and an AI-Powered profile recommender result in the ultimate event networking experience for your event participants.

Event AI-Powered Matchmaking Feature.png
  • Easy and Intuitive Meeting Scheduling

    Define designated meeting time slots for organized matchmaking. Participants can easily send and receive meeting requests with our meeting management feature.

  • Any Type of 1-to-1 and Group Meetings

    Allow participants to book in-person, hybrid, or online meetings. On hybrid events, all combinations of single or group meetings are possible.

  • AI-Powered Profile Recommender

    Utilize the power of AI and machine learning. For each individual participant, our AI-powered recommender will offer suitable profile recommendations.

Simple and straightforward messaging.png

Simple and straightforward messaging

Communication Is Essential For Any Networking Event

Encourage communication between event participants by enabling our intuitive real-time messaging feature.

  • Easy-to-use messaging available before, during, and even after the event
  • Real-time messaging for maximum efficiency
  • Group conversations for better collaboration
  • Email notifications for unread messages and newly created conversations

Dive Into our In-person Event Features and Discover How to Bring Your Event to Another Level

  • Check-in Mobile App for Easy Management

    Use our check-in mobile app to manage participants arriving at the event. Create multiple check-in points when needed and always keep track of your participants.

  • Automatically Generated Event Badges

    Choose from a variety of colors, fonts, and images to design the perfect event badges. Print them out and help participants break the ice on your in-person events.

  • Individual PDF Agenda Always at Hand

    Every participant can download their personal agenda as a PDF file. This way, they can always have their personalized schedule at hand and you can even print it out for them.

Explore In-Person Event Features
Even mobile app.png

Event mobile app

Boost Event Matchmaking Experience With a Participant Mobile App

Everything participants need in the palm of their hand to know where to be and when, and to connect with other attendees.

  • Sending and receiving meeting requests
  • Exchanging messages with other participants in real time
  • Always having their agenda and meeting schedule at hand
  • Custom push notifications from the organizers
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Organizing an Event Is Not a One Person Job

Event organizing can be stressful, especially when managing many participants. Share the workload by inviting supporting organizers and save time.

  • Organizer Roles

    Define Supporting organizers who manage the event participants

  • Responsibilities

    Assign responsibilities for specific participant groups based on various criteria

  • Limit Visibility

    Limit Participant access based on the responsibility and keep participant data safe

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