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AI-Powered Event Networking App for Effective Matchmaking

Create the best experience for your participants with an engaging mobile app built for event networking.

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AI-Powered $$Event Networking App$$ for Effective Matchmaking

The Most Useful Tool for Networking Events You Can Give to Your Participants

Offer your participants an unforgettable experience and change the way they find new business opportunities. Explore the features of an event networking app that makes attending events exciting.


event agenda

Go Paperless with a Rich Event Agenda Personalized for Each Participant

PDF printouts are a thing of the past. Give your participants all the information they need in the palm of their hand.

  • Easy access to the full event agenda and the personal participant agenda
  • Clear overview of sessions and meetings with details about the time and location
  • Simple session management through one tap sign-in and sign-out

Participant list

Full Participant List Including AI-Powered Profile Recommendations

Whether it’s before or during the event, participants can see who is attending and create meaningful connections.

  • The participant list provides an overview of all the event attendees with indicators about who is currently online
  • Rich filters and a smart search function help narrow down the list
  • AI-powered profile recommendations make it easier to find the right participants for meetings

meeting management

Flexible Networking and Meeting Management

Sending and receiving meeting requests has never been easier. Participants can use the app to manage their meetings effortlessly.

  • Participants can send and receive meeting requests directly through the app
  • The meeting list provides participants with all the relevant meeting information
  • Meeting notifications keep participants up to date

instant messaging

Keep Participants Connected With Real-Time Messaging

There’s no networking without communication. With our built-in messaging feature, participants can easily engage in meaningful conversations.

  • Real-time messaging facilitates simple and efficient communication
  • Messages can be sent along with meeting requests to make scheduling easier
  • Participants can stay in touch and keep their business connections strong even after the event ends

PUSH notifications

Inform Participants About Last Minute Updates or Send Personalized Reminders

Plans change. Keep participants up to date with customizable push notifications made for easy and effective informing.

  • Create and instantly send push notifications about anything you want
  • Segment your participants and send separate notifications to different participant groups
  • Set up and schedule the notifications in advance to alleviate the workload on the day of the event

customization and branding

Increase Brand Awareness with Customization Options and White Labeling

Make a bigger impact with an event mobile app customized to reflect your brand and increase the level of professionalism.

  • Add a touch of personalization by changing the color of the most prominent elements on the event
  • Purchase the Advanced Theming package to completely customize the color pallete of the event in the app, as well as on the event website
  • For absolute branding, order a white labelled mobile app
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cross device compatibility

Event Networking App on Your iOS or Android Device

The event networking mobile app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The following operating systems are required:

  • Android 7.0 or later
  • iOS 11.0 or later

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