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Virtual events

Expand Your Reach With A Virtual Event Networking Platform

Reach a global audience and open up a new world of opportunities for your participants. Utilize a virtual event networking platform and engage your audience with features that make event matchmaking a breeze.

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Integrated Video Conferencing



AI Matchmaking

Live Stages


Expand Your Reach With A $$Virtual$$ Event Networking Platform

Everything You Need to Easily Run Virtual Networking Events that Promote Collaboration

Our virtual event features create an immersive experience for your event participants. Help them expand their network by taking your event to the next level and attracting an international audience.

online meetings

Fully Integrated Solution for One-on-One or Group Online Meetings

Let your participants connect effortlessly. With our fully integrated tool for online meetings, business opportunities are just a few clicks away.

  • Participants request and schedule 1-to-1 or group online meetings easily
  • Our built-in video call feature requires no additional software or plugins
  • Screen sharing and integrated chat allow participants to share content

online VIdeo conferencing

Easy-to-use Web Conferencing Tool for Any Type of Group Session

Create any kind of group online session and convey your event's content without limitation. That includes increasing attendee engagement to keep your sessions exciting and engaging.

  • Run online conferences, workshops, webinars, and more
  • Utilize the built-in screen sharing and chat features to engage participants
  • Record your sessions and share the video with participants afterwards
  • Easily integrate other video conferencing tool when needed

Effortlessly Broadcast Your Sessions to Large Audiences with Livestreaming

When the number of attendees gets too big, utilize RTMP streaming. This creates an enhanced user experience and a real-time feel during your event.

  • Set up RTMP streaming to minimize the delay between the broadcast and the viewer
  • Run multiple live streams and stages for different audiences
  • Use the built-in livestream chat to conduct Q&As and moderate sessions
  • Eeasily embed external engagement tools to increase participant engagement

Integrate Any Streaming Provider

Already have your livestream planned via another provider? No problem, with b2match you can integrate any streaming provider of your choice. Your event, your rules.

  • Freecaster
  • Zoom
  • Webex
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Twitch
  • Restream
  • GoToWebinar

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