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We Are More Than Just Software

At the core of everything are our people. We are a diverse and multidisciplinary team dedicated to creating an interactive product that makes the most of every interaction.

We Are More Than Just Software

Making the Most of Every Interaction

Our vision is to make the most of every interaction, to help create meaningful business connections, so that good ideas can become reality and be brought to market. Our mission is to create the most compelling and user-friendly event management system for business events – a product that empowers participants to establish meaningful connections and build purposeful partnerships.

Our Values

  • Trust

    Why we work as a team

  • Innovation

    Why our business still stands

  • Collaboration

    Why we think work is fun

  • Transparency

    Why you can count on us

Great Teamwork Comes About When People Share the Same Mottos

  • Be easy-going

    Be easy-going as it makes it nicer to work together.

  • Express yourself

    See work as an array to express yourself and your talents, rather than a job that earns you money.

  • Live our motto

    Live a bit by the motto work hard, play hard.

  • Keep promises

    Keep your promises as this is the only way we can get things done.

Meet the b2matchers

We are a creative, diverse and passionate team of Engineers, Designers, Business Experts, and Managers. Our multidisciplinary know-how, expertise, and experience are essential for creating and delivering the event management software of the future.


  • Mirza Ceric

    Mirza Ceric


  • Kurt Burtscher

    Kurt Burtscher

    Senior Partner


  • Goran Popović

    Goran Popović

    Head of Product

  • Bernard Radman

    Bernard Radman

    Team Lead / Mobile Developer

  • Danijel Snjegota

    Danijel Snjegota

    Product Designer

  • Marko Pranjić

    Frontend Developer

  • Vesna Pipalović

    Vesna Pipalović

    Frontend Developer / UX Designer

  • Anamarija Markovinović

    Anamarija Markovinović

    Frontend Developer

  • Martina Perleta

    Martina Perleta

    Backend Developer

  • Luka Kušina

    Luka Kušina

    Team Lead / Backend Developer

  • Magdalena Ðukić

    Magdalena Ðukić

    UX Designer

  • Klara Banić

    Klara Banić

    Frontend Developer

  • Luka Orešković

    Luka Orešković

    DevOps Engineer

  • Sven Kovačić

    Sven Kovačić

    Frontend Developer

  • Ana Leventić

    Ana Leventić

    Backend Developer

  • Fran Hrabar

    Fran Hrabar

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Mateo Imbrišak

    Backend Developer

  • Tin Prvčić

    Mobile Developer

  • Lana Banjac

    Graphic Designer

  • Grgur Tustonjić

    Grgur Tustonjić

    Product Manager

  • Zrinka Cvitanović

    Zrinka Cvitanović

    Junior Tester & Frontend Developer

  • Marcin Nieborak

    Full Stack Developer

  • Krunoslav Tomičić

    Junior Frontend Developer

  • Grgur Crnogorac

    Junior Backend Developer

Customer Success

  • Kristina Kralj

    Kristina Kralj

    Customer Success Team Lead

  • Simone Weinmann

    Simone Weinmann

    Customer Success Manager

  • Marija Marković

    Marija Marković

    Customer Success Manager

  • Sarah Pehar

    Sarah Pehar

    Customer Success Manager

  • Emilija Gregurec

    Emilija Gregurec

    Customer Success Agent

  • Terezija Gerbus

    Terezija Gerbus

    Customer Success Manager

  • Anamarija Katušić

    Anamarija Katušić

    Customer Success Manager

  • Ema Belas

    Ema Belas

    Customer Success Agent

Sales and Business Development

  • Diego Sosa

    Diego Sosa

    Strategic Account Manager

  • Iustin Ungureanu

    Iustin Ungureanu

    Sales Manager

  • Matteo Treichl

    Sales Development Representative

Marketing and Communications

  • Sara Svalina

    Sara Svalina

    Content Creator

  • Jelena Skomrak

    Jelena Skomrak

    Junior Copywriter

  • Mara Kolak

    Mara Kolak

    Junior Marketing Analyst

Human Resources

  • Dunja Vuković

    Dunja Vuković

    HR Generalist


  • Magdalena Palka

    Office Manager

  • Sanja Baretić

    Sanja Baretić

    Office Manager

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality is Key for Success

  • 36Team Members
  • 11Countries of Origin
  • 2Collaborative Offices

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Our Offices

We have beautiful offices in Vienna and Zagreb, but we are also remote friendly with our digital office Slack.

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  • Vienna, Austria

    Mariahilfer Str. 17

  • Zagreb, Croatia

    Radnička cesta 80