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Engage Attendees With A Hybrid Event Networking Platform

Utilize the power of a hybrid event networking platform and combine the excitement of in-person events and the global reach of virtual events. Utilize our AI-powered event matchmaking that supports all types of meetings.

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Engage Attendees With A $$Hybrid$$ Event Networking Platform

Organizing Advanced Hybrid Events Made Simple with the Most Flexible Event Management Software

Bring your participants together regardless of their geographic location. Create an unforgettable networking experience and foster meaningful interactions.


in-person and remote participants

Segment Participants with a Flexible Registration Form

Know the numbers in advance. Find out which participants will physically attend your event, and which ones will join remotely.

  • Divide your event attendees into in-person and remote participants
  • Create specific registration questions according to participants’ attendance type
  • Charge in-person and remote participants separately by configuring specific event tickets
A screenshot of the registration with on-site and remote options with an on-site limit

Participant limits

Set Up Participant Limits for Crowd Management

No need to worry about overbooking. Define limits for in-person participants in order to make sure there is enough space for everyone.

  • Set up a general limit that defines how many in-person participants can sign up for the event
  • Define specific limits for in-person sessions in case of space constraints or a limited number of seats
  • Use the b2match Entrance app to check participants in as they arrive at the event location
A screenshot of the event agenda with on-site, virtual, and hybrid sessions.

all types of sessions

Distinguish Between Virtual, Hybrid, or In-person Sessions

There's always something for everyone. Create any type of session to maximize participant engagement, regardless of their location.

  • Create exclusive in-person sessions for participants who phisically attend the event
  • Stream in-person workshops or conferences to your online audience with hybrid sessions
  • Set up online conferenes and webinars for your remote participants

Explore Endless Matchmaking Possibilities with Various Meeting Combinations

Don’t let physical boundaries get in the way of discovering new business opportunities. Utilise our smart meeting management system and allow participants to expand their network no matter where they are.

An illustration representing attendance type change

Changing Attendance Type

Participants Easily Switch Their Attendance and Existing Meetings to Virtual

Plans change, but networking doesn’t have to. In case of unforeseen circumstances, participants can seamlessly switch their attendance from in-person to virtual and keep all of their meetings.

  • Participants can easily switch their attendance type from in-person to virtual
  • All in-person meetings are automatically converted to online video calls
  • Hybrid session attendances are switched to remote and removed from in-person sessions

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