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Networking Features to Enhance Event Communication


Jan 23, 20236 min read

One of the main reasons we host events is to connect and communicate with valuable people and establish meaningful business connections. Because of this, the focus of any event is successful networking. Since today most events are hosted via a virtual networking platform and there is quite a handful of them on the market, let’s look at some networking features they offer that would make your event a success.

1. Event landing page

The first step in ensuring your event will provide good networking opportunities to your attendees is to attract the right participants. A striking landing page might help with that. An event landing page is designed to boost brand awareness and give potential attendees all the specific information they require to decide whether to register for it.

A wide range of features on the b2match virtual event networking platform allows you to create the perfect landing page. You can include compelling information to spark attendee interest and change the landing page's color scheme to better reflect your business. On your landing page, you should list relevant details, such as the time, date, and location of the event, its primary objective, its sponsors, speakers, and presenters. b2match expands the borders of your event by allowing you to configure the page in several different languages, making it simpler to network with prospective people from all over the world.

2. Registration page

Knowing how to create an appealing registration page is essential since it is a fantastic area to gather relevant information that will aid in better event preparation. Every event has a unique set of objectives, so every registration form should collect unique data. Make sure to keep the registration procedure as brief as possible while also gathering information that can be useful in matching with the right participants. Because asking too many questions runs the danger of overwhelming applicants, it is recommended that the registration form only contains up to 10 questions.

The b2match online networking software gives you the power! You decide what data users enter during registration and how their profiles appear. You can create different ticket categories with b2match, customize the registration form to the participant group, and provide discount codes to encourage more people to sign up. You can even set a cap on the number of people who can register for the entire event or just specific sessions on the b2match event networking platform if your event's venue has a capacity limit or if you want to make it more exclusive.

3. Participant profiles

The participant profile is a great feature to encourage event attendees to add valuable information before the event starts. By doing so, your participants will be better prepared to choose their meeting partners and spend more quality time whenever they do finally meet. They can cut out the chit-chat and get straight to the point. Sending reminder emails is a fantastic method to keep participants interested.

To easily personalize the emails and send them, b2match provides predefined email templates. It is recommended to send reminder emails at least 2-4 weeks before the event. Participants should have finished refining their matchmaking profiles by then, and they should begin looking through the list of participants. You can even start a countdown (e.g. “Only 10 days to go until you can book meetings!”) to add a level of suspense.

4. Personalized agenda

Every type of event greatly depends on its agenda because it acts as a summary of the happenings. The content of your event can be split up into sessions (conferences, workshops, webinars, lunch breaks), and you can add tracks (labels used to group these sessions). This information is used to display your event agenda on the event's landing page.

Attendees may easily fill their networking schedule with workshops and meetings tailored to their event goals using the agenda builder offered by b2match. Your guests can print or download their PDF agenda to their phones straight away. Agendas can provide a list of all meetings and sessions along with details on the time, place, and attendees. Using a virtual networking tool has many benefits, including making it simple for organizers to view all PDF agendas and print them out for attendees.

5. Event AI matchmaking technology

One of the hottest topics in today's tech world is using artificial intelligence. The event tech industry is no different. However, not all b2b event networking platforms use actual machine learning algorithms.

The b2match AI Meeting Recommender system processes a lot of data with artificial intelligence to suggest intriguing profiles to each participant while still adhering to GDPR. Attendees automatically generate this information through their user profiles and regular platform engagement. The algorithm collects data while simultaneously processing it. This ongoing loop can determine what each participant is interested in. Once the recommendations are generated, they are ready to be presented to participants. This AI event networking tool increases event engagement and ensures high-quality matchmaking interactions.

6. List of meeting priorities

Give your attendees a chance to express their preferences by designating a meeting priority list for other attendees or businesses! With the aid of the aforementioned AI-powered profile recommender from b2match, they may more easily spot the ideal match.

Participants can express an interest in meeting with another person or business and rank the priority of their expressed interests as low, medium, or high. Before scheduling is complete, participants can quickly reorder their priorities on the list if they change their minds. Participants can also plan ahead for individual or group sessions.

7. Table management tool

At times, it can be challenging and perplexing to manage onsite matchmaking events, especially hybrid ones. However, all of the anxiety around this matter can be avoided with an organized, automatic event table management system.

b2match ensures the smoothest scheduling experience. Participants only need to choose the meeting's time; the program will handle the rest by automatically assigning tables to meetings based on their availability. As an event organizer, you can easily rearrange the tables and edit meetings. The system even recognizes the need for a table in a hybrid meeting. For instance, the program automatically adds extra elements, such as table allocation, which gives the event's planners plenty of time to concentrate on other, trickier issues.

8. Hosted sessions

Hosted sessions are fantastic for exhibitors as well as event organizers. During a hosted session, exhibitors can go into more detail about their opportunities, including the services and products they offer.

Organizers incorporate hosted sessions into the agenda. After the event, the organizer can compile information on who attended each hosted session and share the exhibitors contact information. For event organizers, this kind of additional service is excellent because it can be either a value add to attending your event or a potential source of revenue for the event organizer.

9. Event networking mobile app

We all know what an important role mobile phones play in our day-to-day life and especially in the business world. It is essential that we have access to relevant information in the palm of our hands. This is why a mobile app is a crucial feature every event networking platform should incorporate.

The b2match event mobile app provides easy access to the full event and personal attendee agendas, a clear overview of sessions and meetings with time and location details, and easy session management with one-tap login and logout. To make the matchmaking process easier for you and your attendees, a full attendee list with AI-powered profile recommendations gives an overview of all participants and hints on who is online right now.

This b2b matchmaking mobile app makes it simple to manage meetings by letting participants request meetings straight from the app, giving them access to the meeting list with all pertinent meeting details, and notifying participants of upcoming meetings. The built-in messaging feature is another crucial aspect that enables users to effortlessly have meaningful interactions and improve their networking. Meeting requests can be accompanied by messages to make scheduling easier, and participants can keep in touch and uphold professional connections even after the event has ended.

Of course, different business matchmaking platforms offer different networking features that will help entice stronger networking connections. Because of this, it is important to know which features would be beneficial for your event, and according to that do some research to find the perfect platform for you. You can start your research by reading about which questions you should ask your virtual networking platform vendor before settling for one.

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