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Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing Your Virtual Career Fair Platform


Nov 13, 20225 min read

Finding the right tool for a successful virtual career fair is the most crucial step after deciding to host a virtual career fair. Figuring out what you want before the demo always helps since you then go into the conversation knowing what you must have, what will be a deal-breaker and any potential perks.

Considering this, the final question you ask should be whether the features make the event simpler to set up and utilize. Some platforms place a stronger emphasis than others on particular event types. For instance, some platforms will provide more features and benefits if you organize a trade show or career fair because they specialize in such events.

Before you sign a contract with your virtual career fair software, consider the following list of questions to ask a virtual career fair vendor.

How will my recruiters connect to applicants?

The majority of attendees attend events to engage in high quality networking. Because of this, the key question to ask during a virtual career fair demo is how your participants will interact with one another. However, establishing networking among attendees at virtual events can often be challenging. For this reason, it's crucial to use a top-notch event matchmaking software.

Job seekers can create their networking profile easily on the b2match platform. The platform allows you to add questions that hiring managers would use as filters, such as education level, work history, etc. Candidates may even upload their resumes or other pertinent materials.

The b2match virtual career fair platform goes above and beyond by creating a cutting-edge networking system powered by AI. The b2match AI event matchmaking platform uses powerful algorithms to scan vast amounts of data and display each participant with intriguing profiles which enhances engagement and matchmaking interactions. The search feature and filter options are available to both businesses and applicants, who may use them to connect or arrange whatever kind of in-person, hybrid, or virtual meeting they choose.

The best virtual career fair platforms provide intuitive chat tools that let job seekers start a dialogue with recruiters and give the option to incorporate whichever video platform your business already utilizes, as well as an integrated video chat. This is crucial for government organizations with firewalls or other limitations that prevent access from third parties for video conferences. On the day of the event, you don't want to be troubleshooting that.

How much customization is feasible?

Virtual career fairs attract a lot of participants, but how can you stand out in such a crowded room? Your company is distinct and has its standards for determining the success of its career fair. Therefore, don't forget to ask your virtual career fair solution provider if they can create a solution specifically for your company that includes elements that contribute to the success of your event and gets rid of the hassle that you do not need.

The b2match virtual career fair software gives you the option to create a branded company profile and add different kinds of media to ensure your company stands out! Companies can add various job opportunities to the event's job boad to entice prospective recruits. The b2match online career fair software enables all registered company members to be identified as company representatives to simplify the management process of the virtual job fair for big companies.

Is the platform suited for other types of events or purposes?

It's astonishing how many different things you can accomplish with this one tool once you have it. Make sure you discuss all options with your sales representative, such as internal training, onboarding, webinars, trade exhibitions, etc., and see how you can modify the platform to accommodate these demands. By using the platform for additional purposes, you contribute more value, which lowers your cost per event and boosts your return on investment.

The b2match all-in-one virtual career fair solution eliminates the need for many different software platforms that are incompatible with one another by enabling the management of the entire event management processes through a single piece of software. The solution offers matchmaking sessions, quick streaming, live stage integration, integrated ticketing, online payment options, as well as real time chat and messaging.

How fast can I start planning and launching my event?

Ask the supplier how long it typically takes to set up an event from beginning to end so that your events calendar runs on schedule. The more time your team has to prepare for the live event, the easier it will be for you to plan your whole pre-event marketing approach. This time frame will typically depend on the scope of your requirements and the skill of your provider in fulfilling them. Any successful event will require enough lead time to advertise and prepare participants, but a top-notch service shouldn't need more than 10 to 12 weeks to get everything up.

What kind of support should I expect?

The technology itself is merely a component of a larger picture. There are so many factors that circumvent the product that you will need support with. The last thing you want is for a malfunction to occur during the live event and to be unable to contact anyone to fix it. Ask your software provider what kind of customer support they offer; understanding what it covers will make troubleshooting much easier because you'll know whom to contact when a specific problem arises and how to solve it immediately. Remember that inquiries are your ally while deploying new technology.

The event customer support provided by b2match ensures that you are familiar with the tool during a one-hour consultation session during which you will receive a tour of the platform, understand the fundamentals, go through the key components of your event, and receive success-oriented guidance. b2match will help you during setup and provide you with advice on how to make the best possible version of your event. The customer support will highlight aspects that might be interesting or beneficial for your event and offer advice on improving participant engagement. To make sure everything is functioning efficiently, you can even run a quality check on the entire configuration before the event is published. If something goes wrong, customer success ensures that all problems are fixed as soon as feasible. Support is available by chat, email, and mobile app.

Meeting with virtual career fair suppliers when you're ready to launch a virtual career fair can be tiresome. The best approach to figuring out if you're a good match, though, is to sit down with a few different platforms and ask them some questions. It will be worthwhile to follow the approach carefully and methodically. If you're eager to learn more about what b2match has to offer - don't hesitate to contact us.

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