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In-person Event Networking Powered By AI

In-person event networking is where we started. Tap into years of experience with our matchmaking, supported by AI, and create an unforgettable event networking experience where attendees engage and connect.

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$$In-person$$ Event Networking Powered By AI

Top Features For Your In-Person Networking Event

Right from the start, attendees can find their best business match. Optimize their networking event experience with our AI-powered profile recommender, personalized agenda builder, mobile event app, and more. Create an efficient and effective networking event that builds collaboration.

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In-person Event Setup

Powerful Event Registration and Ticketing

Configure your registration journey. Tailor the event registration process to your needs, and make it as simple or as complex as you like.

  • Create separate tickets for different groups of participants
  • Give participants access to specific sessions depending on the ticket they bought
  • Configure early bird tickets or promotion codes for ticket discounts
  • Invoices are automatically generated after purchasing a ticket
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Participants Create Their Personal Agenda

Allow attendees to easily fill their event neworking agenda with personalized sessions and meetings relevant to their event goals with our agenda builder.

  • Attendees can easily download their PDF agenda through their phone and/or as a printout
  • List of all meetings and sessions with details about schedule, location, and attendees
  • Organizers can easily access all PDF agendas and print them out for the participants
AI Meeting Recommender.png

AI Meeting Recommender

Utilize our AI-Powered Profile Recommender for Smart Matchmaking

Finding suitable meeting partners has never been easier. Present the needle in the haystack of event networking and increase participant collaboration.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide the best profile recommendations
  • Huge amounts of data gathered and analysed to suggest profiles to every participant
  • Our AI-powered profile recommender helps participants to find the best matches more easily
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Meeting Tables, Booths & Custom Locations

Make the Meeting Scheduling Easy With Automatic Table and Booth Reservation

To ensure the smoothest scheduling experience, participants only need to select the time of the meeting. We take care of the location.

  • Tables are automatically assigned to meetings based on their availability
  • Ability to reserve tables for participants or create a booth with a custom name for exhibitors
  • Organizers can easily rearrange the tables by using the Scheduler
  • For events without tables, custom meeting locations can be defined
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Event mobile app

Boost Event Matchmaking Experience With a Participant Mobile App

Everything participants need in the palm of their hand to know where to be and when, and to connect with other attendees.

  • Sending and receiving meeting requests
  • Exchanging messages with other participants in real time
  • Always having their agenda and meeting schedule at hand
  • Custom push notifications from the organizers
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Event support

Your Customer Success Manager & On-Site Support

Right from the start, you are assigned an experienced customer success manager. They will guide and support you during the setup process so you feel confident and ready to host your in-person event with success.

  • Get tips and tricks on how to maximze the event networking platform
  • Learn best event organization practices to help you along the way
  • Get a final quality control check before making your event live

One more amazing thing. You can have a b2match expert on-site to support your team and your attendees.

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Custom badges & Badge editor

Create Badges That Match the Brand of Your Event

You want everything to be perfect - right down to the smallest detail. And that includes the badges your attendees will be wearing.

  • Design badges with our easy-to-use badge editor
  • Create different badges for different groups of participants
  • Choose from a variety of colors, fonts, and images
  • Easily print the badges on the spot with the b2match Entrance mobile app

b2match Entrance: Check-in App Made for Speed

Check-ins are a cruical part of your onsite event experience. And we know it. That’s why our check-in app ensures quick multi-location event and session check-ins of your participants from any mobile or tablet device.

Check-in App - Hero.png

Smooth and Fast Processing with Check-In Event App

Your event attendees don’t want to stand around and wait for you to check them in. Make this process fast and smooth for everyone with an event mobile app made for organizers.

  • Set up one or more event locations
  • Check participants in manually or automatically by scanning their QR Code
  • Print participant badges or tickets on-site
  • Always know where your participants are
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