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5 Best Ways to Facilitate Networking at Matchmaking Events


    Feb 27, 20234 min read

    B2B networking is the best way to exchange information and ideas among businesspeople that share a common interest and/or specialty. You can use networking as a great way to start building your professional relationships and expand your current circle of acquaintances.

    Networking events are also a great opportunity for improving your business. Think about it – when you decide to organize a b2b matchmaking event, you are opening numerous opportunities for your participants. Whether they are trying to connect with their college alumni, clients, or potential business partners, attending such networking events is a way to go!

    So, how do you plan a great networking event? Read on, because, in this article, we are sharing the five best ways to facilitate networking at matchmaking events.

    1. Choose an all-in-one event management software

    Organizing a networking event is not so easy. So, why don’t you help yourself? With the b2match event matchmaking software, you can ease this stressful process with only a few clicks. The registration process is effortless, and if unsure – use our free demo!

    Having a great event networking platform to begin with saves you time and effort on many parts of event management that by now you may or may not have thought of. Keep in mind that a b2b matchmaking software will be, for the most part, the only place that you will use to conduct pre, during, and post-event activities. Therefore, it is crucial to pick a software that gives you an abundance of personalized settings for you and your participants.

    b2match is the ideal virtual matchmaking platform for events that helps you organize meaningful b2b networking events that fit both participants, and of course, your needs. With its numerous features, b2match allows you to customize your networking event easily and helps your attendees to start with a match and finish with meaningful partnerships.

    2. Go in-person, hybrid, or virtual

    With b2match there is no need to settle for a regular in-person networking event. Before choosing a place to conduct your event, think about your business goals and objectives. What are you trying to succeed in? Who is your target audience? What are their interest, likings, etc? With these questions in mind, you can think about whether you would prefer an in-person, hybrid, or a fully virtual event.

    For in-person networking events, the b2match in-person event networking platform gives you numerous useful features that help you elevate your participant's experience. You can configure your registration journey and tailor the event registration process to your needs by using our powerful event registration and ticketing tool. Moreover, our b2match platform allows you to utilize the AI-powered profile recommender for smart event matchmaking, and to use automatic table and booth reservations. It can also assist you to boost event matchmaking with a participant mobile app they can use during your physical event to find their way more easily and have a clear participants and meetings overview.

    If you think that an in-person matchmaking event is not your cup of tea, do not worry! b2match gives you the opportunity to organize hybrid and fully virtual event networking. Such events can help your attendees to participate from all around the world, with no need to lose time and money on traveling.

    3. Share it with a large audience

    Our b2b matchmaking software allows you to share your hard work with a much bigger audience. Whether you are organizing a virtual event, an in-person event, or a hybrid one, there is no need to settle down for a smaller reach. You can effortlessly broadcast your sessions to large audiences with live streaming! The only thing you have to do is utilize RTMP streaming, which will create an enhanced user experience and a real-time feel during your event. With RTMP being easily integrated into the b2match virtual event matchmaking software, you can run multiple live streams and stages for various audiences, use the built-in live stream chat to conduct Q&As with your attendees, and moderate chosen sessions.

    Integration with any streaming provider is one of many benefits of the b2match platform, so you can choose a platform that is the right fit to your audience! Integrate with YouTube, Zoom, Twitch, or any other platform of your choosing.

    4. Collect data and analyze it

    Using an event networking platform will help you to collect data during, and after your matchmaking event. Collected data will give you valuable business insights that will uplift your brand in long term. The data collected on a networking platform can provide you with details about the event, including the number of participants, meetings, and sessions, and metrics such as participant engagement, and ROI.

    Other collectible data on the b2match platform are meeting reports. They provide you with data like meeting duration, attendee data with their profiles, and data that is provided by your participants through filled-out forms and surveys. When you analyze this collected data, you can get valuable insights that will not only help your business grow, but also help you plan your next networking event by showing you what was done great, and what could be improved.

    5. Help your participants stay in touch

    For both you and your participants the ending of the event shouldn’t mean that all networking is done. Extend participant connection with post event matchmaking. By allowing them to send messages and have online meetings with participants they have missed, you are meeting their needs and making this matchmaking experience more memorable.

    By following these 5 easy steps, and incorporating them into your next b2b networking event, you are assuring that your participants can find this experience useful and memorable. With the b2match event matchmaking tool you can create and personalize numerous events that will help you uplift your business and position your brand positively in your attendee's minds.

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