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Keep Participants Engaged With An Email Marketing Tool

Communication with participants is the key for a successful event. Keep your audience informed and up-to-date with an easy to use email sender.

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Premade Templates

User Segmentation

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Keep Participants Engaged With An $$Email Marketing Tool$$

Personalized EMAILs

Build Communication With Personalized Emails

  • Predefined variables make every email look like it was made for each participant separately
  • Utilize the rich text editor to create professional-looking event marketing emails
  • Send personalized links or buttons that redirect participants to the event without having to log in

User Segmentation

Send Separate Emails To Different Participant Groups

  • Segment your participants into different groups
  • Create and send targeted emails based on the participant type
  • Perfect for hybrid events when you want to send separate emails for in-person and remote participants

premade templates

Save Time With Premade Email Templates

  • Choose between 10 premade email templates made specifically for different event stages
  • Each template contains relevant information and useful links and buttons
  • Simply load a template, make some adjustments if needed, and send it
Invitation management.png

invitation management

Efficiently Invite Participants To Register With Invitation Management

  • Import an Excel file containing contact information of participants you want to invite
  • Send an invitation email to the imported contacts containing a personalized token
  • Keep track of registered participants and send new invitations to contacts who have not registered yet

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