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Why AI Matchmaking is the Future in Event Technology


Feb 2, 20234 min read

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a hot topic in our day-to-day lives. We interact with AI regularly, sometimes without even realizing it, through services like Netflix recommendations and virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa. Not only do we use artificial intelligence in the privacy of our homes, but in the business world, too.

But what about the event sector? What impact will artificial intelligence have on event matchmaking in the future, and how can you utilize it at maximum capacity?

Before we explain why AI matchmaking is the future of event technology, let us explain what precisely AI matchmaking is.

What is AI event matchmaking?

Virtual events are created to deliver a certain message, connect with potential attendees, form partnerships, boost engagement, generate more leads, and enhance income. But it can be challenging to select the perfect person to continue communicating with from among the thousands of attendees at a gathering.

An AI-powered matchmaking platform helps users locate other attendees at events who are most likely to have interests in common with their own so they can engage in a conversation. Additionally, AI matchmaking streamlines networking at online events by saving time and highlighting the most relevant matches.

Now that you have a better understanding of AI event matchmaking, you may be wondering how it may influence networking at your next virtual, in-person, or hybrid event.

How does AI matchmaking revolutionize event technology?

Nowadays, most events are being hosted on a virtual networking platform because of the many networking features they offer. The most valuable one is the AI event networking tool. A matchmaking platform with this feature can help participants find the ideal connections and opportunities, which will direct them to quickly achieve their goal.

Our machine learning algorithms consistently improve the matchmaking quality by learning from participant's activity and how attendees select whom to meet. However, for AI to accomplish that, it requires more data than just job titles and skill sets. It must grasp the objectives of your attendees. Once AI learns your attendees' objectives, it can provide them with more meaningful matches and help them achieve their goals easily.

The AI meeting recommender system featured on the b2match in-person, virtual and hybrid event networking platform uses artificial intelligence to process data to present each participant with interesting profiles while also abiding GDPR. Attendees automatically generate this data with their ongoing platform usage so that the AI learns their interests better and simultaneously gathers and processes data.

After our AI event matchmaking software generates recommendations, they are automatically shown to participants. This networking element boosts attendees' interest in the event and guarantees effective matches.

AI matchmaking saves time

We all know that old saying “time is money”. Well, at a networking event, that saying becomes that much true, because wasting time on a dead-end meeting means you have less time to find valuable matches that might bring in revenue or open the door to new business opportunities.

AI quickly completes tasks and learns how to carry out routine tasks by automating manual operations. Any matchmaking event involves large amounts of detailed information, such as attendee names, occupations, interests, and more. It would take a great deal of time and effort to manually evaluate this data and search for the ideal matches, but with the help of AI, it is done automatically!

By using the b2match virtual event networking software participants can schedule and arrange their meetings with one another even before the event starts, which helps the event run more efficiently. When a meeting is scheduled, the software immediately assigns it to a table or sends a notification to attendees if it is a virtual meeting.

AI matchmaking improves event analytics

Throughout your event, your participants will generate a lot of valuable insights, which will help you improve networking at your next event.

Event participants leave meeting ratings and comments after each b2b meeting so the event organizers receive the data automatically in their admin app. Additionally, AI matchmaking features help attendees fully comprehend the event's multiple components so they can arrive more prepared.

AI matchmaking on the go!

Because the technology powering AI is continuously seeking ways to develop, the domain of artificial intelligence is constantly evolving and changing. It will continue to alter our lives and provide us with new tools for our own creativity.

A smartphone is one of those tools we use daily that even uses artificial intelligence to unlock! But how can we employ smartphones in the event industry?

Naturally, through a mobile event networking app.

An event mobile app makes life easier and more enjoyable for both participants and organizers since it provides them with all the necessary information, regardless of where they are.

The b2match event networking app offers quick access to the complete event agenda, and individual attendee agendas. It also presents a clear overview of sessions and meetings with information on their times and locations as well as one-tap session management.

The app makes it simple for participants to manage meetings by allowing them to engage in conversations, send and receive meeting invitations, giving them access to a meeting list with all the necessary meeting details, and notifying them of upcoming meetings.

Every day, technology takes another step toward making our daily lives easier. The era of manual labor in the events sector has long since passed, and AI has proven to be the future of event technology. AI technology ensures that events are planned, coordinated, and personalized to deliver the finest experiences and relieve much of your workload.

Try using an AI event networking software for your next event and see for yourself that event planning does not have to be complicated.

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