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How AI Matchmaking Streamlines Event Networking


Jan 23, 20234 min read

One of the most effective ways for companies and entrepreneurs to establish worthwhile partnerships is through networking. However, networking events don't always result in the desired outcome. If your business does not see the level of participant engagement expected at your events, AI event matchmaking may solve your problems. It enables participants to find relevant individuals to network with faster and more easily. AI matchmaking is rapidly becoming a vital component of successful networking.

What is AI matchmaking?

Virtual events are created to convey a specific message, reach out to potential attendees, develop partnerships, increase participation, and produce more leads and revenue. But among thousands of participants at a gathering, it is sometimes difficult to choose the perfect candidate to continue interacting with.

An AI-powered matchmaking platform assists in finding the event participants who are most likely to share the user's interests so they may engage in further conversation. Additionally, it saves time and identifies the most relevant matches, making networking at virtual gatherings smoother. The participants can connect with their ideal partner and have real-time interactions through audio and video calls.

The b2match event matchmaking software uses machine learning algorithms that process large amounts of data to facilitate easier networking, by recommending interesting profiles to every participant.

Now that we have a brief explanation of what AI event matchmaking is, let us see how it can streamline virtual event networking at your next virtual event.

Benefits of AI matchmaking

B2B event networking platforms greatly benefit from an AI event networking tool. Using platforms that offer this feature can facilitate connecting participants with suitable opportunities and partners. This will help them accomplish their purpose promptly.

Below are a few noteworthy benefits that AI in event matchmaking offers:

1. Saves time

This is unquestionably the most significant benefit of AI-powered event matchmaking. Along with quickly completing tasks, AI also learns how to carry out routine tasks easier as it automates manual operations.

Matchmaking events involve large amounts of detailed information, including the names of the guests, their employment, preferences, and more. Because it would take a great deal of time and effort to manually evaluate this data and provide recommendations, AI stands out as a promising solution.

2. Amplifies data analysis and recommendations

AI is a fantastic tool for generating suggestions and data analysis. For instance, it can assist event planners in comprehending guests' motivation for attending, such as employment, networking, obtaining new leads, purchasing a service or product, and other reasons.

Whether it be the numerous sessions or networking, AI handles the challenging job on the part of the event organizers to ensure that the participants have a wonderful time and receive the best recommendations.

The b2match virtual networking platform’s AI Meeting Recommender system processes data with artificial intelligence to suggest intriguing profiles to each participant while still adhering to GDPR. Attendees automatically generate this information through their user profiles and regular platform engagement. The algorithm collects data while simultaneously processing it. This ongoing loop can determine what each participant is interested in. Once the recommendations are generated, they are ready to be presented to participants. This networking feature increases event engagement and ensures high-quality matchmaking interactions.

3. Handles logistics

Let's face it - organizing events requires a lot of hard work. It can be especially difficult if your participants need additional help with making appointments, setting up meetings, and keeping track of those meetings. Sometimes it's inevitable for the event organizers to accomplish their tasks without becoming severely exhausted.

For event planners, AI tools can be a lifesaver since they assist with the smooth organization of everything on your planning checklist. They simplify and make the event planning process more enjoyable.

AI will select the most appropriate networking options for the attendees, making it unnecessary for the event organizers to coordinate meetings once they have selected the right profiling options.

4. Improves analytics

Throughout your event, you'll get a lot of great data insights. AI-powered matchmaking guarantees that the organizers have access to accurate data, enabling precise and reliable data analyses.

Throughout an AI-powered matchmaking software, like b2match, event organizers collect information about guests, such as their target exhibitors and interest areas. It also aids participants in thoroughly grasping the numerous elements of an event so they can come better prepared.

The participant's past and present decisions, as well as how those decisions relate to their current behavior, can be used in training AI algorithms and assisting them in their further development. A win-win situation for everyone!

5. Ensures higher interest and engagement

A matchmaking event powered by AI piques the interest of the attendees and increases participation, as it is something new and exciting for the majority of participants. By using virtual event platforms, audience engagement is enhanced, which results in an improved and more devoted group of clients.

But AI doesn't only entice participants and enhance networking. Some other advantages of using the help of an AI tool at your next event include enhanced revenues and the generation of a considerable number of leads.

We have long passed the point of manual labor in the event industry, while AI is now regarded as the industry's future. Using AI technology ensures that events are planned, organized, and customized to provide the best possible experiences and take some workload off your shoulder. So don’t hesitate and try using AI for your next online event.

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