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Top 10 Best Virtual Career Fair Platforms & Softwares of 2023


Nov 24, 20226 min read

In the past few years, the concept of virtual career fairs has grown in popularity. You can arrange such events whenever it's convenient for you on a wide range of virtual platforms and software. Employers and other groups can hold live online events that match job seekers and employers using tools for virtual career fairs. From the registration of job searchers to the delivery of post-event analytics reports, these solutions manage the entire process of virtual hiring events.

It is important to know which questions you should ask before choosing your virtual career fair platform, to ensure you get exactly what you need. The target audience for your event and the features that will be essential and beneficial to its success, such as customer service, customization options, interactive tools, security, and analytics, should be considered when selecting the best virtual career fair solution. To make your decision-making process easier, we compiled a list of virtual career fair platforms that guarantee you will host a successful virtual career fair.

1. b2match

b2match is one of the best virtual career fair platforms on this list. This all-in-one virtual career fair platform has a strong focus on event networking features. Their virtual career fair software can be used to cover the entire life cycle of a career fair, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid. It has features for meetings, live streaming, live invitations, post-event surveys, and meeting feedback. Before an event is published, a top-notch event customer support team gives it a quality check to ensure that everything is correctly configured. It is crucial that a virtual event's technical infrastructure works smoothly.

b2match focuses on event matchmaking and offers a wide range of customizable tools that boost the number of meetings and guide employers to the best applicants. Rich participant profiles, a job board with offers provided by recruiters, branded corporate pages, integrated video meetings (no external solutions required), chats, and other features are a few of its features. Your participants will find their perfect match with the b2match AI Meeting Recommender. The system uses machine learning algorithms that process large amounts of information to suggest interesting profiles to each user. As a result, there is a rise in involvement and excellent interview quality.

2. Brazen

Brazen is a virtual recruiting platform that assists organizations in finding and hiring outstanding talent. Brazen has specialized in hosting online job fairs since 2007. With the help of Brazen's services, clients can develop unique virtual career fairs with virtual booths at the time and date of their choosing, focusing on particular industries, job functions, or skill sets.

This online career fair platform includes a mobile-friendly user interface that is easy to use. It gives you the choice of text-based chats or chat-to-video chats, depending on what you are most comfortable with, to provide a smooth user experience. With this chat technology, you can offer real-time access to candidates or leaders.

3. RingCentral Events

This virtual career fair platform was established in 2019 and has made tremendous progress. Usually, this is a fantastic choice for holding webinars, global conferences, sizable events, workshops, or meetings. Additionally, this platform is free to use. The Reception, Stage, Sessions, Networking, and Expo areas are just a few of the areas that RingCentral Events offer within a single event, and each one can present specialized material for a more satisfying attendance experience. However, some users claim that the process might be overwhelming or perplexing.

4. vFairs

vFairs is a virtual and hybrid events platform that provides businesses with a 3D environment-based platform to hold a wide range of online events like training, trade exhibits, expos, and career fairs. Its numerous capabilities enable you to design a unique virtual environment for your audience. You have complete access to working webinars, digital booths for exhibits, networking features, information sharing, and more. Although they offer video chat, the feature is integrated through Zoom, thus users must also have Zoom installed.

5. EasyvirtualFair

EasyVirtualFair has a unique landing page that showcases various distinctive brand assets and aids businesses with their virtual events. The recruiting software helps users achieve their unique objectives by enabling them to interact with a large pool of applicants through limitless events and booths. Since EasyVirtualFair has a zero downloads policy, it can be accessed from any device. Their platform is responsive to mobile devices, and their service connects recruiters with candidates "on the go."

6. Hallo

The Hallo event platform was created for event planners who prioritize on-campus hiring. Hallo is a choice for outsourcing campus events because it manages all event marketing, promotion, and student registration. Hallo offers free participation for employers in multi-employer events, and the majority of customer feedback is positive. The drawback is that Hallo does not organize events for particular industries, position types, or job posts. As a result, recruiters risk wasting time if the attendee mix does not match their open job requisitions.

7. CareerEco

CareerEco is an online platform that enables businesses to hold virtual events and lets attendees connect in real time from a computer or mobile device. The platform provides fully automated virtual solutions for networking, employment, admissions, and events promoting diversity, inclusiveness, and accessibility. A customizable design, dynamic multi-media functionality, and excellent customer service define this software. Although CareerEco acknowledges that online events can help recruiters save time and money, it also places a strong emphasis on how environmentally friendly they are, hence the "Eco" in the company name.

8. 6Connex

The cloud-based virtual events platform 6Connex collaborates with sales and marketing teams to support virtual trade exhibits and may also assist with virtual career fairs. Additionally, 6Connex is utilized for conferences, trade exhibitions, worldwide business events, and presentations. The platform focuses on backend data collection, engagement, and education. It offers a great environment that matches a desired physical venue for meetings or webinar space nearby. You can even record your meeting and review it repeatedly.

9. Paradox

Paradox enables hiring managers and executives to spend more time interacting with their audience rather than with technology. This website organizes virtual hiring events to assist companies in meeting candidates whenever and wherever they are. No forms must be completed, and no logins are required. With the help of Paradox's "event assistant," you can organize, publicize, and schedule in-person events and interviews from a mobile device. Their recruiting chatbot, Olivia, focuses on organizing interviews with applicants that visit your career website or job request landing sites. There is no cap on the number of users because it is a real-time platform. Additionally, this software has auto-reminders to ensure that candidates don't have to wait long.

10. Brella

As Brella's solution is designed for in-person, hybrid, and virtual conferences and exhibitions, it isn't explicitly a virtual career fair platform, but some employers are experimenting with it. Companies use Brella for large meetings, conferences, and networking events. Its virtual event platform provides numerous features that would enable employers to simulate the experience of a virtual career fair, such as mobile accessibility, online registration, multiple booths with customization rights, livestream integration (via Vimeo or YouTube), in-app private messaging, and many others.

Since there is a wide range of platforms on the market, it's crucial to schedule a virtual career fair demo and experiment with it yourself. Each platform offers a unique set of characteristics that can be used to help you choose which virtual job fair platform best suits the requirements of your event. Talent acquisition leaders and corporate representatives can choose the best virtual career fair platform by comparing vendor services in the context of the larger business model. Doing so can help them save time and money while also enhancing the candidate and recruiter experience.

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