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Top 10 Best Event Matchmaking & Networking Software Picks of 2023


Jan 23, 20238 min read

Since 2020, virtual and hybrid events are all the rage, and their popularity keeps skyrocketing. There is a growing number of platforms available, but you might be wondering why you need a business matching software. Let's face it, networking is one of the main reasons attendees participate in events, but the process itself can often be challenging. This is where using an event matchmaking software can ease the process of finding the right business match.

It's getting harder to decide which business matching platform is suitable for your requirements with so many event platforms on the market. We researched the market and created a list of the best event networking and matchmaking software in 2023 to help you decide.

But first, let us clarify why event networking is important.

Why is event networking important?

Event networking opens the door for businesses and career individuals to a new world of business opportunities, helping them grow with little effort. Opportunities like matching with the right clientele or networking with professionals in your field can be game changers in the business world. For instance, effective networking with well-known individuals who follow the same career path can help when a problem arises. These individuals can help you manage your issues efficiently by providing advice or connecting you with the proper financial support. Developing your professional position can take a while, depending on how you approach your networking strategy. The exposure gained through networking has helped top professionals to advance to where they are now. Your professional development is significantly tied to the interactions you maintain, as they open better career prospects and have a significant impact on the development of your status.

For those reasons, consider using quality business matching software to help find the best matches for your attendees and ensure your next event is a success!

What exactly is an event matchmaking software?

Event matchmaking software connects attendees (and sponsors) with similar interests to facilitate and optimize structured networking. Event professionals manage events using event networking technology that provides all the tools for event hosting and event matchmaking. It allows your attendees to identify, collaborate and develop business opportunities before, during, and even after the event. Event networking software provides a streamlined user interface for booking meetings and enables attendees to maintain contact and nurture their connections.

1. b2match

One of the top virtual networking softwares on our list is b2match.

Event organizers use this b2b event matchmaking software to manage an event's whole lifecycle, whether you're organizing a physical, virtual, or hybrid event. It includes meeting features, live streaming, live invitations, post-event surveys, and meeting feedback. A top-notch event customer care team does a quality check on an event before it is published to ensure everything is configured appropriately. After all, the technical setup of a virtual event must function flawlessly.

In addition to providing a wide range of configurable tools that increase the number of meetings and lead employers to the top candidates, b2match AI-powered event matchmaking software focuses on goal-oriented event matchmaking. Some features include chats, integrated video meetings (no external solutions necessary), branded corporate pages, rich participant profiles, a job board with offers from recruiters, and others.

b2match employs a powerful AI event matchmaking algorithm to connect the best business matches, filter event participants, and provide a clear picture of the audience both in-person and online. With the b2match AI Meeting Recommender, your participants will discover their ideal match since its primary objective is to process massive quantities of data to offer intriguing profiles to each user. As a result, engagement is increasing, and the interviews are of outstanding quality.

Additionally, b2match offers a mobile event networking app that connects attendees, primarily for the built-in chat before and during the event, and it also provides access to the meeting list with all relevant information, as well as keeping attendees informed with push notifications.

2. Hopin

Hopin is one of the most well-known hybrid matchmaking platforms for events. In Hopin's networking area, participants can interact with each other by starting random video sessions at scheduled times. Hopin provides networking opportunities for attendees and vendors by allowing them to meet one-on-one. Although there is room for development in the attendance engagement reporting tools, their interactive content, social media walls, and polls make attendees feel more involved. Hopin eliminates the need for different platforms for analytics, email, live streaming, and registration. Hopin works with pre-recorded content and live broadcasts, so you can keep it simple or go all out with your video production. However, some users claim that their learning curve might be overwhelming or perplexing.

3. vFairs

vFairs is a business matchmaking tool that enables companies to create a range of online events since it provides exhibitors and attendees with an easy-to-use virtual environment. They provide many interactive features, including scaling, customization, and audio and video chat. vFairs includes a variety of engagement and networking options, such as booth representatives, polls, and Q&A sessions, as well as video, text, and voice chat for both public group discussions and private one-on-one interactions. Even though vFairs has several fantastic features, the overall impression is that the virtual environment has been given more attention than the events themselves. Additionally, some customers claim that learning how to use the platform was complex and that putting up the event in the program's backend takes a lot of work.

4. EventDex

Eventdex is a powerful b2b matching platform that provides a straightforward, intuitive, integrated software solution to assist event planners in organizing, promoting, and executing events from a single platform. A virtual event platform, event registration software, business matchmaking, lead retrieval, and a mobile event app are just a couple of the features that Eventdex offers event organizers. Additionally, it has powerful b2b matchmaking software that improves the check-in process for attendees. Although users claim that the platform is straightforward to use and comprehend, its data analysis and reports need to be improved because they don't provide enough information about the success of an event.

5. Accelevents

Accelevents is an online networking software that enables marketing professionals and event planners to establish genuine human connections and unforgettable experiences. Attendees can partake in workshops, connect with virtual exhibitors, network with other attendees, listen to keynote talks, attend several breakout sessions, download materials, and participate in live conversations. As for drawbacks, several customers complain that the backend isn't user-friendly and that their customer service is subpar.

6. Bizzabo

With the help of the event networking software Bizzabo, you can organize events, link audiences, include communities, and produce significant financial gains. According to its description, it is a platform that enables you to manage event data in one place, examine reports, and configure integrations with payment processors. When Bizzabo first launched, it was a mobile app with significant features, including networking and social media integration, real-time surveys, and audience response mechanisms. However, you must set everything up yourself, which can be challenging.

7. SpotMe

SpotMe combines everything you need for a hybrid event. You can create branded experiences across the web and apps, as well as live events and on-demand content, which helps to produce events of a high caliber. Utilizing participant matching, SpotMe can be used to assist participants in making connections. Your participants can initiate 1:1 or group video calls with up to 20 other users online and can engage in direct or group chats with other users. Via SpotMe's web and mobile app, your participants can connect no matter if they are in the crowd at the venue or are participating from the comforts of their homes. Interest-based matchmaking makes it possible to establish networking opportunities, recognize the most active members, and grow your community. However, due to the steep learning curve, the platform's users find it challenging to use.

8. Whova

The main goal of the Whova event networking app is to assist guests in personalizing their experience. Before the event, attendees can log in to the app to get a head start. The Whova app offers interactive options so those sitting in the crowd at the venue can interact with the speakers like attendees at home. Features include easy setup and branding, mobile agendas, attendee bios with links to social sites, and document sharing. Users can choose and attend panels or sessions of their choice through the conference app.

9. CareerEco

CareerEco is a virtual networking platform that allows companies to host virtual events and connect attendees in real time from a computer or mobile device. The platform offers fully automated online services for networking, job applications, admissions, and events that support inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility. This software stands out for its adaptable design, dynamic multimedia features, and top-notch customer support. CareerEco recognizes that online events can save recruiters time and money, but it also emphasizes how ecologically friendly they are, hence the "Eco" in the company name. As for drawbacks, users have complained that the registration process might need improvement.

10. Canapii

With live Q&A, polls and surveys, Canapii is yet another excellent event networking solution that assists organizers in producing exciting and interactive events. In addition, there are private, group, and monitored event chats for attendee networking. Canapii enables event planners to provide attendees with a wide range of event-related resources, including the option to make their agendas and download documents. Although it doesn't offer a wide range of features, the user interface is straightforward and comes with a mobile app.

Now that you have a general idea of what is available in the event technology industry, you are ready to do more in-depth research. Keep a close eye on the features competing vendors offer and compare them with the characteristics you most need. To ensure you get exactly what you need, you should know what questions to ask before choosing your event networking platform.

If you're planning a matchmaking event, the ideal event networking tool can completely transform your event engagement and pave the way for a world full of brand-new career opportunities.

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