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Why You Need a Business Matching Software


Nov 10, 20224 min read

Professional networking is the main component of all B2B events. Attendees can build new professional relationships through networking, sell or purchase goods and services, and connect with potential employers or employees... It's a never-ending list.

Yet, facilitating event matchmaking at B2B events could sometimes be daunting. If done right, networking has the potential to become your greatest asset and a draw for both participants and sponsors. But first, let us clarify why business networking is important.

Why is business networking important?

Business networking provides access to more promising opportunities. A new channel of opportunities has been made available to business and career individuals who have networked over time, allowing them to grow with little effort. Opportunities like getting in touch with the proper clientele or networking with people more experienced than you in your field could be a turning point in your life. For instance, strong networking with well-known people on the same professional path might offer help whenever a situation arises at any moment. These well-known people can assist you in efficiently managing your issues by offering guidance or connecting you with the appropriate financial support. Depending on how you concentrate on your networking path, developing your career position is a long-term procedure. The prominence they have gained in networking has helped top career people get to where they are now. Your development is primarily related to the interactions you maintain. They significantly affect the development of your status and open better professional options. Your connections have a significant amount of power.

To make your events run more smoothly, you should consider using quality business matching software to assist you in finding the best matches for your attendees.

What is business matching software?

Business matchmaking software connects participants (and sponsors) with shared interests to maximize intent-based networking. Participants can build user profiles using the b2match software and can explore other attendees' profiles and make new business connections before and during the event. It is possible to schedule meetings and manage resources and capacity.

But how does business matching software assist event planners in enhancing attendee networking at B2B events?

Here are the top 5 benefits of using a b2b matchmaking software for your event, including how it can benefit your company and participants.

1. Improved planning

Attendees can schedule appointments and arrange their meetings using the event platform well in advance of the event. By doing this, attendees arrive at the event well-prepared and avoid leaving networking to chance. The b2match b2b matchmaking software gives participants the option to schedule meetings with one another before the event starts which helps the event run more efficiently. When a meeting is scheduled, the system immediately assigns it to a table with a number or notifies the attendees if it is a virtual meeting. You can individually configure each step of this third phase to meet the precise requirements of your event. Configurations let you control who can send and receive meeting requests, as well as how they are approved or rejected.

2. Finding valuable contacts

Attendees save time by quickly finding the contacts they're looking for. Appointments can be requested, confirmed, and rejected if they don't work with their schedules. The b2match AI event matchmaking technology employs complex algorithms that filter through enormous quantities of data to suggest intriguing profiles to each participant. This AI event matchmaking tool improves matchmaking interactions and engagement. b2match uses machine learning to ensure that each participant's demands are met and that they connect with the right participants.

3. Reliable time management

Because business matching platforms give users a constant view of all the dates and the events schedule, time management is made easier. Of course, they could also do it through a mobile app, so that attendees are always properly informed of their appointments during the event. A clear overview of sessions and meetings with time and location details, as well as simple session management with one-tap login and logout, are all features of the b2match mobile app. An extensive attendee list with AI-powered profile recommendations gives a breakdown of every participant in the event and indications of who is currently online. By allowing participants to send and receive meeting requests directly through the app, giving them access to the meeting list with all necessary meeting details, and updating attendees with meeting notifications, the app facilitates simple meeting administration. The built-in messaging functionality is another crucial aspect that enables users to effortlessly have meaningful interactions and improve their networking.

4. Follow-up attendees after the event

Attendees can use the platform to follow up on their appointments and visits after an event. Information and structure can be gathered and saved using the matchmaking platform. b2match offers the option of collecting virtual business cards to make business-to-business matchmaking easier and to ensure that your participants get the most out of their networking experience. Even interesting profiles from other participants can be bookmarked for later reference.

5. Use a single piece of software to manage everything

From the event website to event promotion to participant matching, every essential procedure happens on a single platform. The b2match platform allows for the management of all event management procedures through a single piece of software, eliminating the need for several various software platforms that are incompatible with one another. b2match satisfies all your requirements for events. The virtual event solution provided by this all-in-one event networking platform includes matching sessions, fast streaming, live stage integration, integrated ticketing, and online payment, as well as quick chat and messaging. Everything you require is available here.

A business event matchmaking tool provides a win-win situation for event organizers, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. What options does the b2match platform provide for your event, and how can you make the most of it to maximize networking? To learn more, schedule a demo.

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