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Tips on How to Choose the Best B2B Matchmaking Tool


Mar 9, 20234 min read

You already know that organizing a B2B matchmaking event is way better while using a great networking event software. The more complex part of planning comes when you have to decide on the right smart event matchmaking software that will help you achieve all of your pre-made business goals and objectives.

To help you ease the process of choosing the matchmaking tool that is the right fit for you and your participants, we are bringing you our must-have tips.

Look for an event matchmaking software that fits

After you went through the process of deciding on your event goals, it is time to find the perfect networking platform. The b2match business matchmaking tool gives you an all-in-one event planning experience that will bring your organizing game to perfection. Whether you are planning an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, with b2match, your participants will start their networking with a match and finish with meaningful connections and maybe even long-term partnerships.

b2match is the perfect easy-to-use virtual matchmaking platform for events that helps you plan amazing online networking events that fit your and your participants’ needs perfectly. With its hundreds of features, b2match allows you to personalize and customize your networking event with access to:

  • Event registrations and invitations
  • Ticketing and payment processing
  • Website and agenda building
  • Matchmaking and networking
  • Video conferencing and live streaming
  • Data and analytics
  • And many more

Choose a tool with an agenda building

The event agenda is completely customizable, sessions are added by the organizers in admin and it is displayed on the event website. Your participants can easily access the agenda with the provided link and plan their networking experience accordingly.

The b2match agenda lists all of the sessions that you, as the organizer, added to the event, emphasizing information like:

  • Date, time, and title
  • Location
  • Description
  • Speakers
  • Tracks

Event tracks are used to group sessions on different topics or themes. It can also be used to make some sessions mandatory to choose during attendees' registrations, so you don’t have to be afraid to have a session that could be missed by your future participants. Some of the most popular tracks on the b2match online matchmaking platform for events are Workshop, Pitch, Conference, and Afterparty.

Give instructions and provide customer support

Even the best-organized matchmaking events tend to meet with at least a few small problems. So, if you want to be a thoughtful organizer, it is also important to think about event customer support. b2match provides you with professional and reliable customer support. With our great customer success team that helps you every step of the way, we can assure you that there is no online event obstacle we won’t overcome together!

You need a great analytics system

If you already decided on using a b2b matchmaking software for your networking event, try to find a tool that will do your work for you, and collect and analyze all the data after the event is done. That is why we know you will like the b2match AI-powered matchmaking software!

With our smart algorithms, you don’t have to worry about collecting all of your participants' clickstream data and having problems with downloading various spreadsheets containing large amounts of data. With only a few clicks, all of your event’s data will be collected and analyzed by our smart tool, giving you finished reports. Don't forget that collected data can give you valuable business insights and help you understand the online networking event impact!

Enabling integrations and digital software tools such as Google Analytics on your b2match profile helps you track participants’ ID and to add it to the b2match configuration. Doing so will better your data collection and provide you with valuable knowledge about your attendees and the matchmaking event overall.

Pick long-term matchmaking

Long-term networking refers to a matchmaking format that allows your networking participants to have virtual meetings anytime throughout an established time frame. It is a great feature for your participants because it allows them to connect more freely and at their chosen time.

The difference between a regular b2match networking session and a long-term one is that matchmaking sessions usually last for a couple of hours (and are set for only a few days) while the event takes place. On the other hand, long-term sessions can last up to one month or even longer, ensuring business connections for those that were busy during the networking event.

The long-term matchmaking feature is possible:

  • Before your regular networking starts
  • After your regular networking or your event is over
  • When the event offers long-term matchmaking only with occasional webinars
  • Throughout a time frame in which you can also offer regular networking sessions

We hope that these few tips on how to choose the best B2B matchmaking tools helped you and encouraged you to start your networking organizing process. If you are still unsure which business matchmaking software to choose, go ahead and book a free demo to find out all about b2match.

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