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Post Event Matchmaking

Post Event Matchmaking

b2b Matchmaking

Tips on How to Choose the Best B2B Matchmaking Tool

You already know that organizing a B2B matchmaking event is way better while using a great networking event software. The more complex part of planning comes when you have to decide on the right smart event matchmaking software that will help you achieve all of your pre-made business goals and objec


Mar 9, 20234 min read

Event Management Tips

4 Tools to Increase Event Networking Meeting Numbers

As an event organizer of networking events, you want to encourage as many succesful meetings among attendees as possible. Which can be hard. Unless you use the right tools. Make it as easy as possible for networking event participants to find high potential meeting partners to get them to book more

Britta Pichler

Jul 7, 20224 min read

b2b Matchmaking

We are the #1 Choice for EEN Matchmaking Events

Event matchmaking software b2match and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) enjoy a longstanding partnership. Having worked together for around 10 years, b2match has adapted its event matchmaking software to fulfill EEN specific needs. In 2021 alone, EEN chose to manage over 450 events with around 89

Kurt Burtscher

Nov 5, 20215 min read

b2b Matchmaking

6 Business Matchmaking Event Mistakes to Avoid

Whether it’s for virtual, hybrid or in-person event networking, planning a successful b2b matchmaking event is hard. There are a lot of factors to consider, usually while only having limited resources. Trying to do all the work without help will result in mistakes that can cost the success of your e

Britta Pichler

Mar 24, 20214 min read

Company News

Event Industry Trends for 2021: Virtual & Hybrid

Are virtual events here to stay or were they just a tool to survive 2020? Mirza: Virtual events have proven themselves in 2020. Looking at our internal data and analyzing our almost 1,000 events for the year, we see an incredible lift in the figures. We see almost a doubling of event participants fo

Britta Pichler

Jan 27, 20216 min read

b2b Matchmaking

Why Your Event Needs Post Event Matchmaking

The sign of a successful virtual event is when your attendees ask for more. More time, more meetups, more ideas. Organizers have been getting feedback from participants that they would like to manage more meetings after an event, no matter the type - virtual, in-person or hybrid event networking. Ho

Britta Pichler

Jun 16, 20201 min read