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6 Tips For Great Virtual Recruitment Events


Nov 16, 20226 min read

In-person recruiting events can be incredibly beneficial. But often, hiring managers and recruiters may invest substantial resources or spend hours setting up an event venue, only to spend the day having lukewarm interactions with potential applicants who are just mildly interested.

Recent events have highlighted the drawbacks of traditional recruiting events, and we've discovered a revolutionary new method for luring and employing top talent: virtual recruitment events. It has been proven that virtual hiring is effective, scalable, and accessible to a larger pool of candidates.

But first, let us answer some frequently asked questions about recruitment events.

What is a recruitment event?

A recruiting event is a type of recruitment marketing approach used to cultivate more personal connections with candidates. There are many different types of recruiting events, but they all aim to attract more quality candidates and boost favorable company branding.

What are virtual recruiting events?

A virtual recruiting event is a web-based event that provides hiring companies the opportunity to network with and promote their brand to a wide range of top talent. Candidates have the chance to network with corporate representatives, find out about employment possibilities, and send prospective employers their resumes. Various components, such as a presentation, fireside chats, a Q&A, and networking sessions, may be included in online recruiting events.

What are the benefits of virtual recruitment events?

Virtual career fairs have several benefits. One of them is that they allow businesses to interact with a variety of candidates from across the world in one place. They are especially useful for companies with out-of-town employees and those who cannot afford to hold in-person events.

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when organizing a virtual recruiting event is, what are some of the best tools for virtual recruiting events? Depending on the recruitment event platform you use for your virtual recruitment event, there may be additional advantages. That is why it is important to conduct proper research to find the best recruitment event platform for you.

Let us first provide an answer to the following question before moving on to some recruiting event ideas that will boost the effectiveness of your recruitment event.

How to conduct virtual recruitment?

As you move your face-to-face recruiting online, one thing to consider is how essential it is to maintain your current recruitment mindset. Throughout the hiring process, you should emphasize your company's identity and values. While this element is a crucial component of all recruiting, it is even more essential in a virtual environment because your applicants will engage with your staff and business far less in person.

If you have never used virtual recruitment, you are probably wondering how to integrate hiring events into your recruitment strategy. You can find the answer using the following 6 recruiting event ideas.

Choose a virtual event platform

The first step in organizing a successful virtual recruitment event is to choose a virtual recruitment event platform tailored to your needs.

Using the b2match event matchmaking software, you can design your recruitment event however you want! With b2match, you may successfully host in-person, virtual, or hybrid job fairs, career fairs, webinars, and information sessions.

The b2match recruitment event software offers you a variety of advantages. One of them is that it enables you to implement job boards, where businesses can post searchable job postings. You can enhance your job board with files, images, and videos. Or you can implement your company page, which lets businesses attract job seekers by creating their page. Your applicants can make and personalize their applicant profile to appeal to potential employers.

Virtual event networking has never been simpler, thanks to the b2match platform! b2match employs AI event matchmaking to help event attendees find their ideal business match.

Both companies and applicants can use the search tool and filters to meet each other and arrange any in-person, hybrid, or virtual B2B meeting they want. Additionally, this recruitment event software automatically recognizes the requirements of hybrid recruiting events. For instance, the program automatically adds extra features, such as table allocation, to speed up the planning process if we specify that we wish to design a hybrid event.

Prepare in advance

You can rely partially on chance meetings and genuine connections at in-person recruitment events. At virtual events, you'll need to put in a little more effort to organize the day, foster relationships, and maintain attendee engagement, which calls for extensive planning.

First, you must choose your goals for the event. What type of candidates are you hoping to draw, and what do you want them to learn from the event? Is it more valuable for you to gather as many resumes as possible, establish your brand as a pioneer in diversity and inclusion programs, identify talent with a particular skill set, or provide insightful information about the environment of your workplace? The next thing you should consider is your budget. What is the price of the virtual job fair platform, and will you pursue sponsorship? Finally, you must choose the details and material you will share with candidates after the event.

Shorten the registration process

Every event has a different set of goals, so every event registration form should gather a variety of information. The platform you use for processing registrations and your marketing tactics will also enhance guests' experiences and help your event flourish. Your form needs to be concise. You face the possibility of deterring users from completing registration by overloading them with inquiries. If possible, keep the number of questions to 10 or even fewer.

You can control what information users enter during registration and how their profiles will look using b2match. With b2match, you can establish various ticket types, tailor the registration form to the participant group, and include promotional codes to entice more people to participate. If your event has venue capacity limits or if you wish to make your event more exclusive, b2match allows you to limit the number of participants who can register for the entire event or particular sessions.

Advertise your event

Similar to a traditional recruitment event, the biggest challenge is getting suitable people to attend. Even the most captivating event won't guarantee registrations before people know about it. That demands marketing throughout the entire event, from pre-event planning to post-event recaps. It is a good idea to advertise your virtual career fair before the event utilizing social media sites, PR channels, email campaigns, and collaborative advertising with other companies.

Try employing integrated marketing campaigns and a variety of marketing platforms to learn how to promote your job fair to reach as many individuals as possible. Making marketing toolkits for partners and exhibitors and asking them to promote the event are further options. You'll have less work to do as a result, and you'll be able to interact with more people.

Make your event stand out

No one wants to register for a virtual event where they will spend several hours listening to the CEO of a business preach the virtues of working for them. Let your participants decide for themselves which company they want to hear more about by implementing virtual booths.

Virtual booths are a great spot for job seekers to find all the necessary information, communicate with recruiters, and network with other applicants via virtual booths. For that reason, the b2match platform provides the option to set up a company and participant profile, enhancing it by adding content like videos, info packages, virtual tours, or live broadcasts of guest speakers, and meeting rooms for in-depth interviews.

Follow up with candidates

You probably put a lot of work into expanding your network of contacts and building your talent pool, so you shouldn't let them fade. Sending thank-you notes via email and social media to participants, partners, and everyone who contributed is wise if you want to raise awareness of your event, build credibility, and expand your audience.

You can gather valuable information about what worked effectively from follow-up surveys after the virtual job fair so you can replicate and improve on it the next time. They also provide insight into areas that demand improvement by presenting appropriate post-event assessment questions.

Virtual recruitment has the potential to change your recruitment process. With this hiring method, you may screen and hire individuals remotely from all corners of the world. In addition, a virtual recruitment software makes the employment process less expensive, quicker, and more effective. So, the next time you're organizing a recruiting event, try virtual recruiting!

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