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Best Way to Promote Your Virtual Job Fair


Nov 8, 20224 min read

Instead of a traditional job fair that is more concentrated on a particular location, virtual job fairs are an excellent approach to attracting a large number of possible job candidates. However, as your target audience expands, so does the competition, putting your event at risk of being overlooked in the digital shuffle. But don't be alarmed! Utilizing the best virtual job fair solutions will help promote a virtual job fair and stay competitive. Discover how to advertise job fairs so that attendees sign up, tune in, and participate in virtual events by following these job fair advertising ideas.

Where to start?

Before you start any promotional campaign for your event, you should put your event website to work by listing interesting participant profiles and marketplace entries. Make your event website stand out and encourage people to sign up by adding attention-grabbing graphics, professional photos, and captivating footage of keynote speakers, workshop leaders, and performers using a virtual job fair platform like b2match.

b2match allows you to customize the color palette to reflect your brand, configure the page in multiple languages to expand your reach, and optimize the experience using the virtual job fair software in the palm of your hand. Check that all relevant videos, images, and other media are embedded on your website. To make your event website a one-stop shop for information and attendee activities, add all the necessary information, such as an agenda, speaker bios, sponsor information, and safe payment options.

Start your promotional campaign by letting everyone know about your upcoming event and posting it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the option of ads, groups, pushing through your corporate page, and even self-promotion, LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to increase your event marketing. Send out email newsletters to inform your carefully selected email list about future events. Promote the event as a header, blog post, news section, and any other way on your organization's website.

To spread the word about your event, contact other companies and encourage business-to-business matchmaking at your event. When using the b2match online job fair software, your event attendees will have the best virtual event networking experience possible thanks to rich participant profiles, adjustable filters, and an AI-Powered profile recommender. Try personally asking your coworkers to spread the event post on social media and with any highly qualified individuals in their network. Ask network multipliers like chambers of commerce, clusters, or innovation agencies to publicize your event on their website or in their newsletter. A promotional package should always be included to ensure a high-quality description and to reduce their work.

Job fair advertising ideas during and after the event

You can still advertise the event while it is happening! You can configure push-up alerts on the b2match event mobile app to interact with your attendees and keep them updated on event-related information. For instance, new keynote speakers or the inclusion of more side events to the schedule. This will encourage people to participate fully in the event and spread the word about it.

Everyone enjoys watching original video content. Share a brief video you made displaying the event on social media and video-sharing websites like YouTube and Instagram. According to research, a video that is two minutes long is ideal for increasing engagement. Include videos of your speakers, and make sure they each post the video on their respective profiles. To expand your sign-up rate, make it entertaining and engaging, and provide a unique coupon code at the end of the video. Also, don't forget to incorporate your social media hashtag within the video.

Collect quotes from attendees regarding the event to make the event feel more personal and provide future attendees with a peek into the virtual job fair experience.

For several reasons, it's a good idea to emphasize the event's success to everyone once it's finished. It successfully concludes your event and lays the groundwork for visitors to follow your brand online to learn about upcoming events. You can even make advertisements using images and videos from the event, emphasizing what a wonderful, helpful community you have. It’s a good idea to send thank-you messages via social media and email to attendees, partners, and everyone who participated and share the success of your event online to create more awareness, nurture credibility, and grow your following.

Follow-up surveys conducted after the virtual job fair give you valuable information about what went well so you can replicate and improve upon it the following time. They also provide a peek into areas that require development by posing the proper post-event evaluative questions. To make your job easier, the b2match virtual job fair platform allows you to enable the event and meeting surveys with a single click. The event survey consists of predefined set of questions put together by b2match, which you can adapt to your specific needs, or add your own customized questions.

It takes time and persistence to create and promote a successful virtual job fair, but the outcome is well worth the effort. You and your virtual team will be able to celebrate a job well done as long as you monitor the promotion and follow up with participants.

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