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Best Virtual Job Fair Platforms


Oct 12, 20223 min read

Job fairs have always been a great way to connect recruiters with job seekers. Virtual job fairs are taking this experience to the next level by allowing job fair organizers to reach a wider talent pool and save money.

So, What Is a Virtual Job Fair?

A virtual job fair is an online event that provides all the benefits of a traditional job fair and more. The entire event takes place online. This gives event attendees the opportunity to prescreen employers and job seekers, preschedule meetings, and attend workshops and guest speeches, all from the comfort of their homes.

Eliminating the costs of hosting an in-person job fair, makes the choice of a virtual job fair software very cost-effective. A virtual job fair can pull talent from all over the world. Since remote work has proven to be efficient, many businesses choose to attract top candidates no matter where they are.

If you’re looking to utilize virtual event networking to attract the best talent, here's a list of the best virtual job fair platforms chosen by our event experts.

1. b2match

b2match is an all-in-one virtual job fair platform with a strong focus on event networking features. Their virtual job fair software can be used to cover the entire life cycle of a job fair. It includes features from invitations and registrations, meetings and live streaming, to post event survey and meeting feedback. An exceptional customer success team provides a quality check for every event before it’s published, making sure everything is configured properly. The stability of the technical aspects of a virtual event is a priority.

b2match specializes in event matchmaking with countless customizable features that increase meeting numbers and help guide employers to the right candidates. Some of those features include rich attendee profiles, a job board with job offers created by recruiters, branded company pages, integrated video meetings (no external solutions needed), chats, etc.

A screenshot displaying a job board on a job fair event.A screenshot displaying a job board on a job fair event.

Matchmaking is being enhanced by the AI Meeting Recommender. The system uses actual machine learning algorithms that process large amounts of data in order to recommend interesting profiles to every participant. The result is increased engagement and high-quality interviews.

A screenshot displaying a job seeker profile on a career fair eventA screenshot displaying a job seeker profile on a career fair event

2. CareerEco

CareerEco is an online software platform that allows organizations to host virtual events and enables participants to connect in real-time from their computer or mobile device. The platform offers turn-key virtual solutions for hiring, admissions and networking events, as well as disability, diversity and inclusion events. CareerEco is a virtual platform with a flexible format, interactive, multi-media functionality and great customer service.

3. Brazen

Brazen is a virtual recruiting platform that helps employers find and hire top talent. Brazen has been in the market of virtual job fairs since 2007. Brazen’s services allow clients to create custom virtual career fairs with virtual booths, at their designated date and time, to target specific industries, job titles, or skills.

4. vFairs

vFairs is a virtual & hybrid events platform, helping organizations of all sizes take their events online. Featuring intuitive 3D virtual venues and expansive features that help you create a custom virtual experience for your audience. Access fully functional webinars, virtual exhibit booths, networking features, content sharing, and more. Video chat is available but integrated through Zoom, which means users need to also have Zoom installed.

5. EasyVirtualFair

EasyVirtualFair is a virtual career fair software that can be used to host virtual events, tradeshows and job fairs for small companies, large corporations, workforce development boards, universities, school districts, tradeshow organisers etc. The platform comes equipped with a custom landing page, displaying various unique assets related to the brand, helping out companies with their virtual events. The recruiting software aligns with the users’ specific goals by allowing them to reach a vast number of candidates with unlimited events and booths. EasyVirtualFair can be accessed from any device, catering to the zero downloads policy it comes equipped with.

Since there are so many different platforms available on the market, it is important, if possible, to book a demo and try it out for yourself. Each platform has its own set of specific features that can help you decide which virtual job fair platform aligns more with the needs of your event.

Preparation, planning, promotion, and an advanced online job fair software ensure success.

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