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The Future of Hiring is Hybrid


Dec 16, 20226 min read

The last two years have taught us that we can accomplish just as much online as in the real world. This also applies to the hiring process. Organizing many events in a row is easier than it used to be, and events have gotten more cost-effective and convenient. Even if in-person hiring events are on the rise as society is slowly reverting to the old way of life, hybrid events are becoming increasingly popular. Hybrid hiring events offer the best of both worlds; the ability to reach a wider audience online while providing in-person event networking opportunities. The reason for the increase in popularity of hybrid hiring events is that they offer a more personal way to connect with potential candidates.

Here is a list of 7 reasons why the future of hiring is hybrid!

1. Hybrid expands your reach

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of using a hybrid approach, which involves adding an online component to an in-person event like a hybrid event networking platform. When event planners plan an event, they put a lot of effort into attracting as many participants as possible. However, the capacity of attendees to obtain approvals for travel, time off, and ticket cost reimbursement frequently limits attendance at in-person events. You may reach applicants from all around the world by conducting your event online, which is especially useful if you're trying to find talent in a specific field or region. When you add an online component to a physical event, you can accommodate more of your potential audience, as well as enable more of the audience to participate, thereby achieving higher participation levels. Hybrid events are not only beneficial when it comes to increasing your reach among attendees. In addition, they increase the brand's awareness and affinity, as well as website traffic and form fills, which results in an increase in revenue.

2. Hybrid supports accessibility and inclusivity

Companies are increasingly focusing on supporting diversity and inclusion at virtual recruiting events. Hiring events can be more inclusive thanks to hybrid technology. Entirely physical hiring events are always site-bound. The only individuals who are eligible to attend are those who are already there or who have the means—the resources, the availability, the health—to get there. This exclusivity not only devalues your brand by arbitrarily limiting the reach to those closest to the event venue, but it also lowers the quality of the content. Leading speakers or presenters, for instance, might not be able to dedicate a whole day or two to participate in person at your event. A hybrid event, however, offers participants the opportunity to participate online. Participants and presenters can join from any location around the world, bringing a diversity of perspectives to the event's content.

One way to make events more understandable and accessible online is to add captions when they are being broadcast live. These are crucial for those who require them to participate, including deaf or hard-of-hearing users, as well as for those who like to watch videos with captions. Adding captions on your virtual hiring event platform is not only crucial for candidates with hearing disabilities, but it also improves information retention and viewer engagement. Include features like text-to-speech, color contrast, and other such features.

3. Hybrid fuels community building

A fascinating event may strengthen relationships and spur participation in new and exciting ways. Communities, though, allow us to maintain a brand-audience connection long after an event. A hybrid event can easily evolve into an online community, where a business can continue to engage with the same audience over time, where participants can keep interacting with the brand and one another, and much more. This kind of sustained connection can create business opportunities as well as brand loyalty and affinity, and audience idea sourcing.

4. Hybrid facilitates the matchmaking process

The majority of business professionals attend events primarily to network. However, when it comes to hybrid events, it is your responsibility as an event organizer to ensure that your virtual event networking is at the same level as in-person networking. Find strategies to encourage interaction between online and in-person attendees to make this possible. While meeting your live guests could delight your virtual attendees, this isn't the case for live attendees. As a result, encourage your live attendees by offering rewards or incentives for interacting with remote participants. Create online chat rooms and have breakout sessions where members of both audiences can interact, network, and form new connections.

The b2match virtual hiring event software ensures that each participant's needs are addressed and that they connect with the appropriate participants, b2match hybrid event networking platform uses AI-powered matchmaking. This artificial intelligence event matching technology improves match quality and user engagement. Companies and applicants can connect or arrange any kind of in-person, hybrid, or virtual B2B meetings using the search feature and filters. Companies and applicants can use the search feature and filters to connect or schedule any type of in-person, hybrid, or virtual B2B meetings they wish. You can even give your attendees a chance to voice their preferences by designating a meeting priority for other attendees or businesses. Participants can express an interest in meeting with another participant or business and rank the meeting priority as low, medium, or high. Participants can also schedule individual or group sessions, which can be arranged in advance.

5. Hybrid is more environmentally friendly

Sustainability will become a more important factor for event organizers in the future. The carbon footprint of events was significantly decreased over the past year thanks to virtual technology. Online events make it possible to bring together big numbers of people with little environmental impact, as opposed to enormous physical venues, hundreds or thousands of people traveling by car or airplane, and a lot of generated waste. Hybrid offers similar benefits. A hybrid event can be much more environmentally friendly than an in-person event of the same size. We can promote less travel, use a smaller physical location, produce less waste, and need fewer resources to stage an event without compromising reach. To put it another way, the large-scale that hybrid technology enables need not be at the expense of the environment.

6. Hybrid offers data-driven insights

Analytics is one of the most effective features of online events. To measure the success of in-person events, organizers have traditionally used general KPIs (registrations, attendance, etc.). Because virtual events are held online, organizers can learn more details about how attendees interact with the event material, such as how long viewers stay on screen, when they leave, which themes elicit the most questions and involvement, etc. The same advantage applies to hybrid events. By including an online component in an offline event, we can see what is effective and what isn't. When it comes to calculating the true return on investment for an event and optimizing subsequent events based on audience behavior, those insights are of enormous importance.

7. Hybrid offers increased visibility for event sponsors

Big names are important, but it is even more important to maintain a good relationship with your sponsors. Hybrid events appeal to sponsors because there are two audiences who can be reached in different ways. Sponsors are drawn to the possibility of sponsoring a commercial, an app, or exclusive content. And they appreciate being at the cutting edge - which is where hybrid recruiting events are situated.

Be sure you draw attention to your sponsors with a dedicated sponsor page to encourage more people to sign up for the career fair. b2match offers a separate page on the event website where you can display all the event sponsors. Depending on their prominence, you can divide sponsor logos into four groups. You can implement clickable logos on the page that lead to dedicated company pages where sponsors can track visits.

Event managers are the most eager to return to in-person events. We are all aware of the ability of events to unite people, foster lasting relationships, and motivate positive change in the world. However, online and hybrid recruitment has proven to be more beneficial than in-person hiring events. Hybrid events open the possibility to accomplish a lot more—to reach and engage a broader audience—with the same or fewer resources.

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