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A Comprehensive Guide to Organizing Startup Investor Events with b2match

Hosting a successful startup investor event can be the tipping point for any emerging enterprise. Such events offer a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with potential investors, share their vision, and lay the foundation for long-lasting professional relationships. However, the stakes are high,


Aug 11, 20234 min read

b2b Matchmaking

Guide to Ensuring High-Quality Networking at Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are becoming increasingly popular as they allow people to participate in events virtually and in person. However, ensuring high-quality networking can be a challenge for event organizers. This guide provides a few tips on how to ensure high-quality networking at hybrid events. Use an E


Mar 17, 20233 min read

b2b Matchmaking

Guide to Planning Successful Hybrid Networking Events

Networking events are essential for businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals to build their networks, create new connections, and exchange ideas. With the advent of technology, hybrid networking events have become popular, where some of the attendees participate virtually. The hybrid event forma


Mar 12, 20234 min read

b2b MatchmakingEvent Management Tips

Guide to Organizing Hosted Buyer Events on a Matchmaking Platform

Hosted buyer programs, or hosted buyer events, is a program of pre-arranged visits between qualified buyers and sellers, which is coordinated by the event organizer. A hosted buyer program facilitates business by arranging pre-qualified buyers and prospective sellers to schedule meetings. By connect


Feb 27, 20234 min read

Event Management Tipsb2b Matchmaking

Complete Guide to Creating Memorable Online Networking Events

Ever since we started relying more and more on virtual networking platforms, online networking events have become a new must-do of every well-established business. While it is in many ways different from in-person events, virtual event networking gives you new powerful tools for organizing a matchma


Feb 20, 20236 min read

Event Management Tips

Guide For a Successful Virtual Hiring Event

While in-person hiring events have advantages, virtual hiring events are certainly the last word in modern-day recruiting. Initially, many found the transition from the physical to the virtual world very difficult, but nowadays, everyone is slowly getting used to it. Because of the several benefits


Dec 14, 20229 min read

Event Management TipsJob Fair Planning

Complete Guide to Hosting a University Virtual Job Fair

Virtual events are the new way of life! Although many people have found the transition from the physical to the virtual world extremely difficult, everyone is slowly becoming accustomed to it. Because of the several benefits of virtual events, many large companies have already moved from physical t


Nov 21, 20227 min read

Event Management Tips

How to Avoid Top Virtual and Hybrid Event Tech Errors

Virtual event networking is great. Virtual events can fit in a lot of content, draw a wider audience base, and event networking translates beautifully to the formats. However, any virtual or hybrid event can fail miserably if the technical side isn’t properly planned for. Here are the top technical

Britta Pichler

Jul 15, 20204 min read

b2b Matchmaking

6 Most Important Strategies for b2b Matchmaking

With our expertise drawn from over 5,000 international events organized with b2match, we share with you the six most important strategic points that directly impact the success of your event matchmaking. After reading through this article you will have a clear picture how to jump into the project, o

Jonas Schoeneborn

Nov 28, 20195 min read