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Guide to Organizing Hosted Buyer Events on a Matchmaking Platform


    Feb 27, 20234 min read

    Hosted buyer programs, or hosted buyer events, is a program of pre-arranged visits between qualified buyers and sellers, which is coordinated by the event organizer. A hosted buyer program facilitates business by arranging pre-qualified buyers and prospective sellers to schedule meetings. By connecting essential suppliers with top business leaders, these events produce a highly targeted b2b environment. The most important benefit of hosted buyer events is to create business deals in a short period of time. These events can take place on a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event networking platform.

    So, how can you create successful hosted buyer events?

    As an event industry of professionals, the b2match event matchmaking platform is eager to keep ahead of the competition and offer value to organizers by incorporating more technology and implementing various event matchmaking and networking tricks that result in the wow effect you want to trigger from your participants.

    Keep reading for our key guide to organizing a remarkable hosted buyer event with the b2match business matching platform.


    The first step is always the registration. An effective registration form is the foundation for any event. It enables you to make questions aimed at a certain group. This way, both potential buyers and sellers can register on the same platform with different registration forms. You can also highlight the benefits and other features of your b2b matchmaking event on your registration page.

    Don’t forget to create a screening process to ensure that only qualified buyers attend the event. After you check their credentials, approve their applications. Actually, this is why hosted buyer programs are so successful. Buyers are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They meet partners who are able to assist them in reducing expenses, achieving new ideas, and expanding their business.

    Meeting priorities and matchmaking meetings

    The b2match b2b matchmaking platform allows participants to create a list of meeting priorities. It is a great way to increase engagement and ensure that both buyers and sellers get the most out of the event. Meeting priorities participants’ list gives you all the information you need to match the right buyers with the right sellers.

    The platform uses AI event technology to offer a personalized event experience. The b2match AI-powered profile recommender helps buyers to find the right matches and vice versa. It uses a machine learning algorithm to analyze participants’ activities, interests, and other relevant factors. The goal of increasing engagement is particularly important for hosted buyer events, where buyers and sellers are looking to make valuable business connections and deals. This can be enhanced with our AI event matchmaking features.

    Once the pre-arranged b2b matchmaking meeting has been established according to gathered AI profile data, the meeting schedule must be locked and sent to the buyers and sellers. Make sure there are no more modifications if you want your meetings to run smoothly and track the agenda. AI matchmaking technology will help ensure that participants get the most out of the pre-arranged matchmaking meetings which is the key feature of hosted buyer events.

    Exhibitor profiles

    Exhibitor profiles are an important aspect of b2b matchmaking at hosted buyer events. Exhibitors can showcase their products and services, and inform potential buyers about their offer. The b2match b2b event software provides a range of tools and features to help you create and manage an exhibitor profile, including scheduling tools. It doesn’t matter if the event takes place in-person, hybrid, or completely virtually, exhibitor profiles must provide key information about their services.

    The b2match Marketplace feature is integrated for exhibitors to generate opportunities that make them stand out from other event networking participants.

    Benefits of using the b2match marketplace feature:

    • Increased visibility
    • Attracting more investors
    • Customization
    • Generating leads

    Also, the marketplace can be an effective tool for businesses to increase their ROI at a hosted buyer event. By leveraging the feature of our b2b matchmaking platform, sellers can connect with potential buyers in a more targeted and efficient way, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

    Meeting ratings and event analysis

    Important components of any hosted buyer program are rating and success analysis. Buyers can rate their experience with the sellers they met with, providing feedback on the quality of meetings and products. Sellers can use this feedback later on to improve their approach.

    Organizers can gather data on a wide range of metrics, such as the number of buyers and confirmed meetings. Analyzing this data provides insight into the overall success of the event. If necessary, organizers will know how to develop more targeted strategies for future events.

    The b2match hosted buyer event software can be a powerful tool for facilitating hosted buyer meetings and ensuring they find the best partners. Our all-in-one event management software will help you handle all aspects of hosting the best-hosted buyer event. Feel free to reach out for more info and guidance.

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