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4 Ways to Put Your Virtual or Hybrid Event Website to Work

Britta Pichler

Jun 2, 20213 min read

You know that your event website is an essential piece of your overall virtual or hybrid event. You use it to promote your event, increase registration numbers, inform participants, and lower your overall workload. However, your event website only does all that when you put it to work, properly. Here’s how.

1. Cover Basic Virtual and Hybrid Event Information

Do yourself a favor and don’t start with a blank sheet. Use an Event Website Editor to start with a template. Not only do you not need to do any HTML coding, but you will be sure to cover your basics.

The b2match event website editor has templates with information needed on your website. For example:

  • How b2b matchmaking for the participant works
  • FAQs of business matchmaking
  • Contact us page

Okay, all good stuff, but this is the baseline.

No matter how good an event website editor template is, it will never cover everything that you need to have on your website. Each event is unique. You want to really think about what your participants need or want to know. Categorize the information you want to share with your audience and create a web page for each. This way your audience can find the information they want quickly.

2. Event Web Page Design for Virtual or Hybrid Events

Offering up all the information your audience wants to know about your event is great. However, just covering your web page with text will overwhelm your reader.

Make sure to break up your event website text with images, screenshots or videos. Add a lot of white space. This means adding extra lines or paragraphs between text. This makes it easier for participants to absorb the information you are providing.

A great example can be seen at International Mobility Days. The event organizers here used images and shaded boxes to break up the text.

3. Incorporate Branding Into Your Virtual or Hybrid Events

Branding helps your participants know they've come to the right website. Adding consistent logos, colors and images helps connect your event to your organization.

Look to your organization’s website for themed colors and images. Use them on your event website. Be sure your branding is consistent. This careful consideration is especially helpful when you are organizing multiple events. A good event management software will let you simply clone past events and incorporate updates quickly and easily. The time you take at this step is time saved later on.

A good example is the Feel Slovenia campaign. This was a series of events that stayed strong and true to its branding. The event organizers were clever to utilize the simple "copy previous event" feature on the b2match platform. This optimized their resources and produced many events quickly and easily.

FEEL sLOVEni@ Business Date with Hungary

FEEL sLOVEni@ Business Date con l’Italia

FEEL SLOVEni@ Business Date with UK & Ireland

4. Tech Needs of Virtual and Hybrid Events

Virtual and hybrid event organizers encounter the same questions from participants over and over again. By publishing the below information on your event website as its own web page, you will save a lot of participants frustration. You will also save yourself a lot of time.

  • Encourage your attendees to install the latest version of their browser (Firefox or Chrome for example). If need be, add links with a detailed description on how exactly to do it.
  • Add helpful links to the browser's and system’s (Windows/Mac) permissions to use the microphone and camera.
  • Create a step-by-step guide with screenshots or even a video on how to join meetings.
  • Include ways to contact you during the event. Add the event email address, a phone number, a chat messaging service.

Good examples of “How It Works” event web pages you can review.

Virtual Mission Houston Energy 2.0

Finnish-Norwegian Defence Industry Webinar

Taking the time to really consider the information your audience wants and needs from your virtual or hybrid event website is important. Presenting that information in an easily digestible format will actually get your participants to read it. This will be putting your event website to work for you and your attendees, making your virtual or hybrid event go more smoothly.

No need to create a virtual or hybrid event on your own. Utilize b2match, our all-in-one event networking software for onsite and online events, to make the job easier.

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