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Online Networking Events – Frequently Asked Questions


    Jan 31, 20234 min read

    Networking is one of the most common practices used to expand businesses and open passageways for new opportunities. The best way to expand your network is through networking events specifically designed to find the best matches between attendees.

    In the past few years, with advancements in technology, these events moved online and are now conducted on hybrid and virtual networking platforms.

    If it is your first time organizing or attending a networking event hosted on a virtual event networking platform, you probably have a lot of questions. Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the most frequent questions and answers to facilitate the transition to a more modern, virtual type of event for both organizers and participants.

    1. How do I register for the event?

    To successfully host a virtual event, you must first establish clear communication with your expected attendees. No matter which platform you choose, be sure to provide participants with clear instructions on the registration process and what to expect in the days leading up to the virtual event. It is advisable to send instructions in a confirmation email after registration. Include information such as if they must create an account, whether they must download any extra software, or whether it is advisable to log in before the event starts. Include the appropriate time zones when listing the event's start time to prevent confusion.

    2. What technology is required?

    Regardless of the event networking platform you use, it is essential to inform your audience what they're required to do their participation is as simple as possible. At the very least, your participants should have access to a quick and dependable internet connection.

    Offer advice on which gadget is best to join the event; is a laptop preferred, or will a smartphone do the work? You can also include information about any preferred or most compatible browsers. Give participants a clear explanation of the download process if your event calls for additional software.

    3. Which virtual event networking platform should I choose?

    Before choosing the virtual networking software you will use for your next networking event it is important to do thorough research. But before researching you might also want to know which questions you should ask networking platform vendors.

    Different networking platforms come with different features, which is why you should keep in mind features that will help win over attendees to participate in the event.

    Founded with the purpose to connect people from around the world, the b2match event matchmaking software goes above and beyond by creating a cutting-edge networking system powered by AI.

    The b2match AI event matchmaking technology employs complex algorithms to go through vast amounts of data and present each attendee with an intriguing profile, increasing engagement and matchmaking interactions. Attendees can use the search tool and filter choices to connect or set up whatever kind of in-person, hybrid, or virtual meeting they desire.

    A top-notch event customer support team does a quality check on an event before it is published to ensure everything is appropriately configured. After all, the technical setup of a virtual event must function flawlessly.

    The b2match customer support team will ensure that you are familiar with the tool during a one-hour consulting session before you start setting up your event. During the session, you will get a tour of the platform and learn the basics, discuss the pain points and features that could be useful or interesting for your event. If something goes wrong, the support team will ensure all issues are resolved as soon as possible.

    4. How do I connect with the right people?

    The main goal of every event is to bring the right people together and nurture connections. At a traditional, physical networking event you had to mingle and engage in a lot of different conversations to find just the right person.

    With the power of AI, in an online networking event, you can find the ideal match in the blink of an eye! A platform with AI-powered matchmaking, like b2match, helps in locating the attendees at events who are most likely to have interests in common with the user so they may arrange future conversations. Additionally, it streamlines networking during online events by saving time and emphasizing the most relevant matches. Participants can use audio and video calls to communicate with their ideal match in real-time.

    5. Can I go to a networking event if I have a disability?

    The primary goal of networking is to expand your circle and forge new connections based on skills and potential. Because of this, it is essential to include people with disabilities in networking events so that they get a chance to present their skills and ambitions.

    Virtual networking events make participation by people with impairments much easier!

    The b2match matchmaking platform offers different features to support diversity and inclusivity at virtual events, such as closed captions, text-to-speech, and color contrast.

    Considering that virtual event technology is new and cutting-edge, no wonder that users have a lot of questions regarding it. In this article, we only covered some of the basic ones, but if you are eager to learn more about online networking events or want to request a demo with b2match, contact sales and discover a world full of new opportunities.

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