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How to Achieve Next-Level Attendee Networking at Your Event


    Feb 27, 20234 min read

    At a matchmaking event, attendees want to network. That is why they are here. They want to make relationships with other attendees and meet as many people as they can that share similar interests. Your participants will benefit more from your event if networking is made easier for them.

    You must make networking a priority, not an afterthought. Making strong connections can be greatly improved by providing the appropriate event matchmaking tool and guidance to your participants.

    Let’s find out how to create the most enjoyable and valuable experience for your attendees.

    Start the matchmaking early

    You should encourage conversations between your attendees even before your event actually starts. By creating an online community, you help participants connect. The b2match b2b event matchmaking software allows you to do so. It lets participants communicate instantly by real-time direct messaging.

    When you define your schedule and plan your pre-event networking and promotion, you officially lay the groundwork for networking at your upcoming event.

    Mobile event networking app

    Apps for networking at events are another technology facilitator that may be used to boost interaction between attendees and improve the attendee-to-attendee experience. It is worthwhile to take an event app into consideration when you are in the planning phase. The b2match event networking mobile app can be utilized both before and during the event.

    Mobile event app facilitates networking by providing:

    • Easy access to the participants list
    • Direct messaging
    • Simple meeting management

    These features allow attendees to find people of interest, share ideas, and thoughts, make connections, and enhance overall engagement.

    But, what if we told you that you don’t have to stop here? By utilizing the b2match event networking app, you may add extra features to boost attendee engagement and blow your attendees’ minds. It allows you to boost your event’s networking potential. Quality wins over quantity, in this case.

    Collecting attendee data

    Simple surveys for example that are sent in advance to your participants upon registration serve as the first step in the matchmaking process. We collaborate with you to develop questions that support networking and align with your event goals.

    It is a good idea to present the event app to your attendees and all its matchmaking features in time. Whether it is an onsite event, or you decide using a hybrid event networking platform is more suitable for your event, incentivize your attendees to complete the surveys. This helps to ensure high-quality networking recommendations.

    AI event matchmaking

    The tool we recommend using for intelligent matchmaking is definitely the b2match AI-powered event matchmaking software. It uses algorithms to facilitate meaningful connections and networking opportunities among attendees. Based on the data analysis it collects, the software recommends potential matches or groups for attendees to connect with. There is no doubt it will drive engagement at all your events. Further on, it allows you to create connection lists based on attendee similarities and depending on your networking goals.

    b2match displays information about potential b2b relationships and makes it easy for attendees to find targeted connections and schedule networking meetings before, during and after the event.

    More networking boosters

    Even though artificial intelligence and smart event networking tools for matchmaking can alter your next networking event, there are ways to enhance its event further, and here’s how:

    Creative networking with gamification

    While it all seems entertaining, gamification and matchmaking can achieve outstanding attendee networking at your event and help your participants to get more out of your event.

    And how can gamification boost experience? The b2match event networking platform allows organizers to integrate lots of other applications to improve event engagement. If you want to engage your participants with polls, Q&As, and word clouds you should incorporate Sli.do into our virtual networking platform.

    Social walls

    Social walls are a tremendous hit right now. It collects social media content from platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Event organizers customize the layout of the social wall to match the event theme. You can do this by integrating Walls.io app into our software. Attendees can then share photos, videos and send direct messages to each other. After the event has ended, event organizers can utilize Walls.io to track the activity, engagement rates, and reach linked to their event.

    As mentioned throughout, utilizing a purpose-built technology solution is a way to go if you want to create unique networking opportunities for your attendees. From matchmaking algorithms and our mobile event app to gamification boosters, we can help your attendees make unforgettable connections with other business professionals. The b2match event networking solution offers all the necessary resources you need for your event. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our customized services.

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