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Hiring Event vs. Job Fair


Nov 23, 20224 min read

Hiring events is one of the best methods to grow your business, market your brand, and attract new partners and sponsors. There is no better strategy to promote your own business than to have a gathering where prospective employees can see all of the company's information in one location.

What is a hiring event?

A hiring event, often referred to as a job fair, career expo, career fair, or recruiting event, is an event typically hosted by businesses, educational institutions, or recruiters that provides interested candidates with on-the-spot interviews. They frequently revolve around a particular industry, area of functional competence, or group of workers (such as recent graduates). To meet and interview with a recruiter, hiring manager, or panel in person, interested candidates can attend the hiring event on the designated date and time.

Although the terms “hiring event” and "job fair" are sometimes used interchangeably, they are distinct events that require different kinds of preparation. Hiring events typically include one or two employers filling specific positions. On the other hand, job fairs feature numerous employers who may be hiring for several different positions.

At job fairs, multiple firms look for individuals with a broad range of talents and competencies. Employers looking for engineers, teachers, bus drivers, janitors, or medical assistants, for instance, may be present at various job fairs. Many job fairs provide a wide range of opportunities, which can be a fantastic opportunity for attendees to connect with a few employers interested in their skill sets.

Virtual hiring events

The process of planning hiring events has changed, just like every other event. We shifted to the virtual world in recent years, moving one step closer to the future. Hiring events are no exception to that. Virtual hiring events have shown to be dependable, practical, and economical. A virtual hiring event breakthroughs the hiring process by providing employers with the same chance to interview numerous candidates as an in-person hiring event, but without the restrictions of a physical location. Employers can choose what works best for them and their applications to conduct virtual interviews over the phone or via video conference.

The main distinction between an in-person and a virtual hiring event is that the latter uses a virtual hiring event platform to ease the planning process. The b2match virtual hiring event platform provides a wide selection of options to organize the best virtual recruiting event.

The company's landing page is the main thing to consider when planning a virtual hiring event because it is a viable approach to advertising your event online and attracting qualified candidates. With the help of the b2match virtual hiring event software, you can easily create an engaging event landing page with customizable content that will serve as the perfect meeting place for participants. You can also add attention-grabbing information and change the color scheme of the landing page to better represent your company. b2match makes it easier to communicate with people from all over the world by allowing users to configure the page in many different languages. To ensure that every participant gets the same experience, you can use b2match to create an optimized, mobile-friendly version of your landing page.

The registration is another crucial component because it's a fantastic way to collect pertinent data that will assist in better planning your event. With b2match, you control the information users provide upon registration and how their profiles will look. To entice more participants, you can establish various ticket categories, alter the registration form to reflect the participant category, and include promotional codes. If your event has venue space limits or you want to make your event more exclusive, b2match allows you to limit the number of participants who can register for the entire event or certain sessions.

Virtual job fairs

Like virtual hiring events, virtual job fairs use a virtual event solution to streamline the organizing process. However, several additional aspects are crucial to the event's success when planning a virtual job fair. That is why a quality virtual job fair platform is essential to ensure you have everything you need for your virtual job fair.

b2match virtual job fair software provides a broad array of options to ensure the best event. One of these is a job board, where hiring managers can post job openings and have them show up on a page that highlights opportunities. On the job board, employers publish searchable job postings upgradeable with files, images, and videos to improve the job posting's appeal. Job seekers can utilize multiple tags from different categories in the job listings to filter and locate the right fit more quickly. Job searchers can easily get in touch with the company that made the offer to have an interview.

Employers can create a company page on the b2match virtual job fair platform to market their business and attract prospective employees. b2match offers the option of collecting virtual business cards to ensure the participants get the most out of their networking session. They can even bookmark interesting profiles from other participants for later reference.

b2match virtual and hybrid job fair software does more than facilitate organizing! It gives job searchers the opportunity for virtual or hybrid event networking and enables them to modify their profiles, which can help them interest potential employers. The AI Meeting Recommendation system at b2match uses complex algorithms to evaluate enormous quantities of data to recommend intriguing profiles to each participant. This AI matchmaking tool for events improves matchmaking interactions and engagement.

It is important to remember the difference between hiring events and job fairs, but the good news is that you can do both with b2match all-in-one event management software!

b2match has years of experience and has helped businesses and people with all forms of virtual event planning. A quick and easy setup is only the cherry on top. Create insightful content to broaden your audience and let b2match do the rest.

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