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Learn How b2match Consistently Addresses Event Organizer Needs and Leads Them to Success

Britta Pichler

Jul 14, 20212 min read

The Styrian Business Promotion Agency (SFG) represents the province of Styria in the south of Austria. They act as the regional contact point for the Enterprise Europe Network, the world’s largest network for small and medium sized enterprises who wish to innovate and grow internationally. They are also the regional contact point for the EU Framework Programme.

SFG are long time users of the b2match event management platform. They have been using it for over 10 years and have hosted over 25 events, whether physical events or virtual events. They have seen many changes in the usability, features and interface. Emma Somerville, project manager at SFG said:

“The b2match software has changed a lot over the years. We are always happy with new features, which make our work easier.”

That is one of the core strengths of b2match. The team closely observes the event industry landscape. They pull on over 12 years of experience. They listen closely to customers' needs. Then they incorporate it all into the b2match platform to fulfill the ever changing environment of event management. Incorporation can be developing the product or being flexible with integrations of preferred tools that event organizers like. For example, to increase interaction during events, SFG integrates their favored tools feedbackr, Slido and Mentimenter into the b2match platform. That kind of flexibility creates an all-in-one event management platform that is scalable to event size and being online or onsite. Emma Somerville said:

“Our work can be simplified by having all of the participants on one platform so that all data, registration, profiles, b2b networking, mailings, feedback etc. is centralised.”

This is important, especially with an international dimension to an event where networking, or b2b matchmaking, is planned. The kind of events SFG often organizes, with between 100 and 200 participants, from up to 20 countries, who all want the opportunity to network and enjoy efficient business matchmaking. Or even being flexible for bigger events like the Global Innovation Summit 2021 with 3,700 participants from 93 countries creating 750 one-to-one business matchmaking meet-ups.

That kind of centralized solution is key to managing physical or virtual events. Another aspect is that SFG has got a better handle on event registrations. They also have an easy way to communicate with the registered attendees.

SFG has been a long standing customer of b2match because it is flexible to their needs. Emma Somerville has the following tip for event organizers who are considering an event management platform:

“b2match is not just a software for b2b matchmaking. It’s a powerful, flexible tool that we use to manage many events per year. The team behind the tool is professional, helpful and extremely agile, the latter being a factor we witnessed and very much valued during the Corona crisis.”

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