Business Matchmaking Explained
Jonas Schöneborn

This article explains what exactly business matchmaking is and how it works. To sum it up, business matchmaking is about connecting with the right people.

What is business matchmaking?

First of all, let us clarify the terminology. As the title and introduction indicates, we normally refer to what we are doing as b2b- or business matchmaking. But, there are different terms out there being used to describe the same concept, like:

The most important misconception to clarify is that business matchmaking differs from networking. Even though both share the similar goal, namely to expand a persons network, they have different approaches. Casual networking normally takes place in an unstructured way, either in between event sessions during the coffee breaks, or in dedicated networking areas. Both cases are inefficient and not goal-oriented.

Definition of business matchmaking

Business matchmaking is a quick and easy way for people such as businesses to meet with new potential and promising cooperation partners in short, face-2-face talks.

This personal meetings are ideal to get in touch with each other for a first impression and are enough to initiate a collaboration. People can pre-arrange meetings prior to an event, when they see mutual benefits in bringing together each other’s expertise. Collecting detailed information about everyone’s cooperation wishes, expressing what it is they are looking for and have to offer, make it possible to identify and bring together (match) the right meeting partners.

event participant profile

Typical use case examples

It is the perfect solution for events which have the goal to bring together the right people. Common examples are:

Additionally, bigger occasions just like conferences, congresses, exhibitions, fairs, etc., use the benefits of business matchmaking as a more structured and efficient form of networking to design sessions where participants can meet. You can find a list of upcoming business matchmaking events here

How does business matchmaking work?

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Business matchmaking is best done with the support of a tool. It highly automates the process and easily integrates business matchmaking into the workflow of an event. Thus, it is ideal when the tool also have all other necessary features to manage your entire event.

If you break down how the business matchmaking process works, you end up with four steps:

  1. Register & profile set-up
  2. Browse & matching profiles
  3. Pre-arrange & communicate
  4. Meetings

Following, we will describe each step and their connection in greater detail.

1 - Register & profile set-up

The first step of the business matchmaking starts, when participants register online by filling out the events registration form. Afterwards, customized questions guide them through the set-up of their individual cooperation profile. Here, participants are asked to provide detailed information about their cooperation offers/wishes, such as what type of partner they are looking for.

Those participant information and cooperation profiles are the cornerstone of the business matchmaking itself.

Finally, completed profiles are published online to make them accessible for all event participants and/or visitors of the event website.

2- Browse & matching profiles

In the second step, participants can go to work. Still before the event, they can identify interesting and promising contacts with whom they want to meet. The tools intelligent search functions allow participants a quick and easy identification of suitable (matching) cooperation profiles. Finding the needle in the haystack is no problem anymore, it is easy!

3 - Pre-arrange & communicate

In the third step, all participants can request and prearrange meetings with other participants before the actual event. At the venue, this saves attendees valuable time and brings together the right people. The tool automatically assigns each meeting to a numbered table (or both).

Note: the tool gives you, the organiser, the ability to be in full control over this interactive phase. Individual configurations >allow you to customize each single step of this third phase for the exact needs of your event. Configurations allow you to >customize:

4 - Meetings

The fourth and last step takes place during the actual event. Here, participants have their pre-arranged meetings and talk face-2-face with each other. Ideally, this first meeting is the starting point for a collaboration.

Additionally, using the b2match mobile app allows participants to manage their meetings on site and stay in contact with each other at all times. Happy matchmaking!

f2f networking meetings

The role of the matchmaker

To harvest the benefits of business matchmaking, it is essential to do it the right way. You as an event organizer function as the matchmaker. Thus, making it easy to find the right collaboration partners and helping your attendees to meet, understand each other and have a good chance of initiating cooperations is your responsibility.

Become a matchmaker and contact our team to find out how the b2match all-in-one matchmaking solution can upgrade your next event.

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