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6 Essential Features Your Event Networking Tool Needs


    Jan 31, 20235 min read

    Since the majority of events have moved to the virtual world, there has been an increase in demand for virtual networking tools. Because of this, there are a lot of different networking platforms available today with various features that assist you in organizing a successful networking event.

    With so many different virtual networking platforms on the market, it is difficult to choose which one to employ. Before you choose the software you’re going to utilize, it is important to do thorough research and define the goals of your event so that you can make a smart decision and choose the matchmaking platform with all the features you need.

    But what are some of the most essential features that your business networking platform should offer?

    1. User profile customization

    Attendees have different backgrounds, skill sets, and interests, making them stand out. This is why user profile customization is one of the most essential features every platform should include.

    It might sound trivial, but this feature makes participants feel more than a simple unremarkable user and make them stand out more prominently against their competitors.

    The b2match b2b event networking platform allows your participants to include a picture and a brief introduction bio. They can answer questions about experience, and education, and present other information they consider relevant. Your participants can even upload their resumes or any other required documents.

    2. Personal agenda

    While networking is an essential part of every event, your attendees also have other things on their to-do lists. The content of events is equally important: learning new skills, sharing ideas, and obtaining answers.

    The customized attendance agenda gives your attendees a clear idea of the sessions they want to attend, the individuals they should meet, and the results they hope to achieve. Your participants will not be able to attend every possible session; therefore, it is in your best interest to assist them in making smart decisions.

    Using the agenda builder provided by b2match, attendees can quickly fill their networking schedule with workshops and meetings tailored to their event goals. Your guests can instantly print or download their agenda in PDF format to their phones. Agendas can include a list of all meetings and sessions, as well as information on the time, location, and attendance.

    3. Attendee matchmaking

    The one thing your participant pool has in common, despite its diversity and range of interests, is the goal of finding their ideal match.

    Using a networking tool will make it easier for your guests to interact with their potential business contacts. However, you need one more element to accomplish 100% organized networking: AI-powered matchmaking.

    Your attendees can sign up on the event networking platform, create a user profile, and choose their networking goals and interests. The AI event matchmaking takes care of the rest, assessing hundreds of data points and connecting the best matches in seconds. This ensures that only the best contacts are provided directly to your participants, maximizing their limited networking time.

    Although, keep in mind that some AI Recommender systems are based on grouping participants and then recommending profiles based on which group the participants belong to.

    b2match’s AI Meeting Recommender system takes matchmaking to a whole new level! b2match uses complex algorithms to comb through all participant profiles, gather data on participant's activity and suggests intriguing profiles to each participant while still adhering to GDPR.

    4. Automatic meeting scheduler

    After the AI runs through all the data and identifies the perfect connections, and the participants have arranged a one-on-one meeting, the only thing left to do is to schedule the meeting.

    A virtual networking platform allows your participants to book a meeting in a few clicks based on their available time slots. It may seem like a trivial thing, but in reality, it is one of the most essential features every matchmaking platform should incorporate, and your attendees will thank you for that. Their most valuable asset is their time, which is why they strive to maximize their limited networking time.

    The b2match b2b matchmaking software allows participants to schedule meetings with one another before the event even starts, which helps the event run more efficiently. When they schedule a meeting, the system immediately notifies the attendees. You can individually configure each segment to meet the precise requirements of your event. Configurations let you control who can send and receive meeting requests, as well as how they are approved or rejected.

    5. Live chat

    A meeting scheduler will assist your participants to organize their networking slots, and matchmaking will pair them up with like-minded professionals. But what steps should participants take to ensure they arrange the desired meeting? Engagement is the answer to this issue.

    You can deliver your attendees their ideal matches on a silver platter, but that won't be enough if they can't start a discussion and communicate with each other in real-time. Because of this, a powerful event networking platform should always include a live chat.

    b2match provides a seamless conversation experience with real-time messaging. This event matchmaking software allows attendees to chat instantly with other attendees, presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors without reloading the page. They will immediately be able to see upcoming chats and texts. The real-time live chat feature makes communication between attendees more effective and simpler.

    6. Analytics and reports

    Event organizers should always stay informed and be aware of what their attendees are doing.

    With the use of trustworthy numerical insights, event analytics and reports will assist you in identifying all trending issues. Additionally, you will be able to monitor participants' behavior and feedback to gain a clear understanding of what functions effectively and what needs to be improved.

    An AI-powered matchmaking software like b2match, allows event organizers to collect information about guests, such as their target exhibitors and interest areas. Additionally, it helps attendees fully grasp all of the event's components so they can come more prepared. b2match also employs several metrics to track and evaluate your progress throughout your event.

    Before you choose your event networking platform, you should consider the goals and requirements of your event. The good news is that b2match covers all your needs! A small recruiting event or a large conference, you name it! With all these essential features and many more, we will assist you in organizing your next in-person, hybrid or virtual event every step of the way.

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