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Top 5 Best Virtual Networking Platforms


Oct 4, 20225 min read

Since 2020, the virtual event market has been booming! More and more platforms are appearing on the market. It is becoming complicated to orient oneself and decide which virtual event networking platform is the best match for you.

We analyzed the best virtual networking platforms available in 2022 to help you make your decision a bit more easily.

But first, let’s give answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about virtual event platforms.

What is a virtual event platform?

A virtual event platform is a software that gives you all the tools you need to host events virtually. These platforms help you manage all types of online events from beginning to end, from conferences and job fairs to trade shows and partnering events.

What is the difference between a virtual event platform and a video conferencing tool?

Virtual event platforms may seem similar to video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet. The main difference is that a video conferencing tool is mostly used to host a single session or virtual meeting. However, they’re not the best option for large-scale conferences or matchmaking events.

In contrast, virtual event platforms are designed with interactivity in mind. They offer a more immersive experience and can handle complex events with rich agendas, multiple workshops and speeches, live stages, and private meeting booths.

What is a virtual networking platform?

A virtual networking platform is similar to a virtual event platform, however it is a software that also includes features for b2b matchmaking and networking events held online. The goal of every feature is to encourage meaningful interactions between participants.

It usually includes both video conferencing tools for one-to-one and group meetings, various sessions, live stages, as well as features that provide high-quality networking activities like personalized profiles, customized search, live chat, multimedia sharing, feedback surveys, automatic notifications and reminders, etc.

What are the advantages of using specialized b2b matchmaking features?

Networking is one of the main reasons why people attend virtual events (the other one being education). The goal of any networking event is to increase engagement and meeting numbers, which can be a challenge for event professionals. We believe it all starts with visibility.

Features like professional company or/and participant networking profiles with uploaded multimedia files, detailed marketplace offers and searchable categories where participants can express their specific areas of activity, needs, and interests, all contribute to increased visibility at the event and ease the matchmaking process. With a little help of AI event matchmaking features, this has become even easier.

Now that we understand the differences and benefits of virtual event tools, let’s dive into the list of best virtual event networking platforms.

1. b2match

b2match is an all-in-one in-person, virtual, and hybrid event networking platform with a strong focus on b2b matchmaking and networking features. Their event management software can be used to cover the entire life cycle of an event. It includes features from invitations and registrations, meetings and live streaming to post event survey and meeting feedback. An exceptional customer success team provides a quality check for every event before it’s published, making sure everything is configured properly.

b2match specializes in event matchmaking with countless customizable features that increase meeting numbers and inspire meaningful connections. Some of those features include attractive participant profiles, dedicated marketplace to showcase products, services and other opportunities for collaboration, branded company pages, integrated group and 1 on 1 video meetings, chats, meeting management tools, etc. Artificial intelligence is used to take the matchmaking experience to a whole other level. They use actual machine learning algorithms that process large amounts of data in order to recommend interesting profiles to every participant. The result is increased engagement and high-quality matchmaking interactions.

With a wide array of features, b2match is ideal for any type of events, such as trade shows, startup investor events, job fairs, and many other. Main b2match’s shortcoming is that some event components are not perfectly responsive, so they don’t look good on mobile browsers. However, this will be fixed with upcoming updates, featuring a major redesign and improvements.

2. Accelevents

Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual & hybrid events platform that empowers event organizers and marketing professionals to create authentic human connections and memorable experiences. Attendees can watch keynote talks, attend multiple breakout sessions, engage within workshops, interact with virtual exhibitors, network with groups or individuals, answer polls, download materials, and participate in live chats. When it comes to downsides, some users question the quality of their customer support and mention a lack of a user-friendly backend.

3. Remo

Remo is a digital experience platform that enables interactive meetings and events that rival live, in-person activities. With the help of different tables, floors & buildings, Remo provides a virtual space that empowers people to move around freely and spark spontaneous “hallway conversations”. Remo supports multiple use cases with more use cases being discovered every time! If you’re in the business of connecting and networking, Remo can be used to conduct networking events, live virtual conferences, job fairs, expos and more. The downside of Remo is that it seems mostly geared towards relatively small groups, there is no recording features, and some say it's user experience is not on the level as some of the other platforms.

4. Hopin

Hopin is a virtual event software platform that offers the streaming of webinars and events, but it shines in its numerous tactical approaches to engaging with attendees in reception, stage, sessions, networking, and expo areas. Hopin offers the basics, like chat, polls, and customizable, branded events, but what sets it apart from the other platforms is the simplicity of its event schedule tool. The event schedule tool is a quick and powerful way of planning conferences and serieses of events from a top-down perspective. However, some of the main complaints their customers have are the high prices, a below standard quality of the networking features, and the confusing set up of the registration system.

5. BigMarker

Offering browser-based, no-download webinar software, BigMarker is a top choice for many event organizers. It is a great option for those looking to create, distribute, and build traction with live, on-demand, and automated video content. It has a range of features including live streaming and interactive video, email marketing and social media integration, engagement functions, and the ability to create branded microsites and landing pages. The main "con" is that some have complained that BigMarker’s video and audio quality can be poor.

Whatever virtual networking platform you choose, make sure to do your research first. Focus on the features all the different platforms offer and compare them to features you need. Book a demo to find out more details, and utilize the customer success tips and tricks to create the best virtual networking event.

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