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Best Event Networking Platforms of 2023


    Jan 31, 20233 min read

    With the staggering rise in the popularity of virtual events, no wonder there are so many great event networking platforms available in todays market. You might be asking yourself why you need a business matching software. If you’re an experienced professional, you surely know that the process of organizing events is exhausting and often challenging. A virtual networking platform eases the organization process and helps your attendees find the perfect match. We analyzed the market and created a list of the best event networking platforms that will revolutionize the way you organize your events.

    1. b2match, event networking platform

    b2match is one of the best in-person, hybrid and virtual networking softwares on our list.

    Whatever type of event you are planning, you can manage its entire lifecycle of the event with the help of this b2b event matchmaking software. It contains meeting tools like live streaming, chats, integrated video meetings, live invitations, post-event polls, and meeting evaluation forms. An excellent event customer service team does a quality check on an event before it is published to ensure everything is configured properly. After all, a virtual events technical setup must work smoothly.

    b2match offers several networking features to enhance networking at a conference, but the most valuable one is AI-powered matchmaking. The b2match hybrid event networking platform employs a powerful algorithm to connect the best business matches, screen event attendees, and give a clear image of the audience, whether in-person and/or online. The AI Meeting Recommender processes massive quantities of data to offer interesting profiles to each user, which results in increased engagement and quality meetings.

    b2match also offers a mobile event networking app, giving you access to all relevant information in the palm of your hand.

    2. Bizzabo

    The event networking software Bizzabo simplifies the process of organizing events, connecting audiences, involving communities, and generating financial gains. Bizzabo is a platform that gives you access to reports, the ability to set up integrations with payment processors, and the ability to handle event data efficiently.

    When Bizzabo originally went on the market, it was a mobile application with a lot of useful features, like networking and social media integration, real-time surveys, and audience response mechanisms. The drawback is that you have to set everything up yourself, and it can be challenging to achieve full functionality without technical knowledge.

    3. Hopin

    Hopin is a virtual event software that allows for the streaming of webinars and events. It excels in its abundance of strategic methods for engaging with attendees in the reception, stage, sessions, networking, and expo sections. Hopin provides all essentials, such as chat, surveys, and customizable branded events. Hoppin also offers the event schedule tool, a simple and effective method for organizing conferences and a series of events from the top down. However, the expensive costs, the poor networking features, and the perplexing registration system setup are some of the main concerns their consumers have.

    4. vFairs

    vFairs is a business matching solution that allows businesses to establish a variety of online events by providing exhibitors and attendees with a simple virtual environment. Scaling, customization, and audio and video chat are just a few of the interactive features they provide. In addition to booth representatives, surveys, and Q&A sessions, vFairs offers video, text, and voice chat for both open group discussions and private one-on-one conversations. Even though vFairs offers many great features, it seems as though the virtual environment has received more attention than the actual events. Additionally, some users complain that the platform was difficult to master and that setting up the event in the program's backend requires a lot of time.

    5. InEvent

    InEvent is a dynamic event solution that has the ability to create, recreate and customize a variety of virtual, hybrid and in-person interactions ranging from Webinars, to live broadcasts, panel discussions, summits, networking sessions, conferences, and spanning across the pharmaceutical, educational, corporate, and event tech industries.

    The right event matchmaking platform may greatly influence the number of great business matches that have been established at your event. When choosing the right platform, it is important to know which networking features to enhance event communication it offers. See which features would be better suited for your event, and give it a go! Book a demo to discover more.

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