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Best Event Networking Apps in 2022


Oct 31, 20225 min read

As mobile apps become increasingly prevalent, we can use them for a variety of things, but can they also be used for more efficient networking?

Networking is one of the main reasons participants attend an event, but sometimes the process itself can be challenging. This is where the use of an event matchmaking app can encourage engagement and ease the process of finding the right business match.

With so many event apps available on the market, it's becoming more difficult to choose which mobile event app is best suited to your needs. To make your decision easier, we analyzed the market and compiled a list of the best mobile event apps in 2022.

But first, let's answer some of the commonly asked questions about event networking apps.

What is an event networking app?

Connecting attendees with similar interests is the purpose of event networking apps, which assist in facilitating and optimizing structured networking. Event professionals manage events using an all-in-one event management software, which provides all the tools for hosting events and the event matchmaking. It gives your attendees the opportunity to identify, cooperate, and develop business opportunities before, during, and even after the event. Easy access in the palm of their hand to book meetings and connect with one another.

What is an AI event networking app?

Similar to an event networking app, an AI event networking app helps the event organizers connect their attendees with similar interests. The difference between the two is that an AI event networking app uses actual machine learning algorithms to provide the best networking matches for every participant. User interaction increases the quality and relevance of the matches they receive.

All in all, event networking apps are one of the key tools your event tech stack needs as they streamline and speed up quality networking to the best of their ability. Quick delivery of all relevant connections to your attendees means less stress, more time for you to take care of your to-do lists, and a competitive advantage.

Now that we have a better understanding of what event networking apps are and what they offer, let's take a look at the best apps for in-person, hybrid and virtual event networking.

1. b2match: AI-powered event networking app

The b2match mobile event app is the only event networking app powered by real AI.

The app provides easy access to the full event and personal attendee agendas, a clear overview of sessions and meetings with time and location details, and easy session management with one-tap login and logout. A complete attendee list with AI-powered profile recommendations provides an overview of all participants with hints on who is currently online, all with the goal of easing the matchmaking process for you and your attendees. The AI Meeting Recommender system uses actual machine learning algorithms that process large amounts of data in order to recommend interesting profiles to every participant. The result is increased engagement and high quality matchmaking interactions.

The app enables effortless meeting management by allowing your attendees to send and receive meeting requests directly through the app, providing them with the meeting list with all relevant meeting information, and keeping attendees updated with meeting notifications. Another important feature is the built-in messaging function, which allows participants to easily have meaningful conversations and strengthen their networking. Messages can be sent along with meeting requests to simplify scheduling, and attendees can stay in touch and maintain business relationships even after the event ends.

When there is a change in plans, it is sometimes difficult to communicate last-minute updates. b2match's customizable push notifications make keeping informed simple and effective. You can even segment your attendees and send separate notifications to different groups of attendees to make sure the word gets out.

This AI event networking app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Whova

The Whova event mobile app is all about helping attendees tailor their experience to their personal preferences. Event attendees can log into the app before the event to get a head start. The Whova app offers interactive options, so those sitting in the crowd at the venue can interact with speakers just like those attending at home.

Features include attendee bios with links to social profiles, effortless setup and branding, mobile agendas and document sharing. The conference app also allows users to select and attend panels or sessions of their choice.

3. Eventleaf

Eventleaf is one of the conference apps that supports all event media. Eventleaf's standout feature is its integrated online registration system. Organizers using Eventleaf can create custom registration forms, group registrations and waiting lists.

Along with registration comes the mobile conference app, which organizers can use to keep attendees informed with updated schedules, sessions and speaker details. Eventleaf's event mobile app can also be used by attendees for networking purposes.

4. ClearEvent

ClearEvent is an all-in-one event app that helps organizers run in-person, virtual and hybrid events. The event app includes a registration feature that allows organizers to create custom forms for general attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, VIPs and more. ClearEvent allows organizers to scan ticket holders with the app.

As plans change, organizers can convert in-person events to virtual and vice versa. ClearEvent also offers custom branding and agendas so organizers have control over the content.

5. Canapii

The Canapii is another event app that helps organizers create engaging and interactive events with live Q&A, polls and surveys. Participant networking is also available through private, group and moderated event chats. Canapii allows event organizers to provide their attendees with rich resources related to the event, such as the ability to create their own agenda and download documents. The app also offers the ability to change the language and time zone to promote inclusive audiences.

Seeing that you now have an overview of what is offered on the event tech market, you are ready to do a more thorough research. Pay close attention to the features that different apps offer and compare them to the features you most require. Keep in mind the stability of the app and the attentiveness of the customer support team the solutions offer. A high quality event customer support can give you the boost you need to organize your event with confidence.

If you are organizing a matchmaking event, the right event networking app can revolutionize your event engagement and give immediate results.

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