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1 on 1 Networking Mistakes and Quick Fixes


    Feb 14, 20234 min read

    It takes work to network, and not all networking happens at specially organized networking events. Who says you have to go to a big networking event to meet people? Some of the most effective networking is done at 1:1 meetings. It gives you a chance to connect without the distractions of being in a big crowd.

    One-on-one meetings enables participants to build trust with each other, offers a secure setting for private conversations, fosters an environment where you can exchange positive experiences, and give constructive feedback. This kind of networking allows you to receive in-depth feedback that maybe isn’t possible in a large group setting.

    Read on to learn how to organize one-on-one meetings successfully and how to address common networking issues.

    Not Capturing 1:1 Meeting Satisfaction

    As an organizer of event networking, you have to ask your participants how satisfied they were. Post-event surveys and rankings are essential for determining whether one-on-one meetings were successful. If the survey is captured days after the meeting, rather than right after it, the participant may forget or mistake for several different meetings.

    The best method for evaluating participant satisfaction is to ask them to rate each 1:1 meeting straight away. The event matchmaking software allows participants to rate every individual networking meeting they had. It measures attendee satisfaction during and after the event, and even six months after the event. Your event’s success will be easy for you to gauge.

    Not Defining Precise Participant Types

    One of the most common mistakes is not defining specific types of participants for your event. If not done properly, it may result in a one-on-one meeting being postponed or not being held at all.

    The b2match event networking platform enables you to make clear definitions, for example, investor/startup, create booking rules, and determine which participant can be seen by which attendees. As the organizer, you can verify and edit if participants assigned themselves with the correct type. Participants will make their perfect business matches more easily.

    Not Considering Different Time Zones

    Time zones are an additional consideration even when using hybrid or virtual event networking platforms. The coordination of time is a common difficulty for organizers. The participants are usually located very far apart and separated by completely different time zones. If it is not coordinated well, the 1:1 meeting may not even happen.

    The best option is for you to make sure your chosen event networking platform automatically takes participants time zones into account . Then your participants can easily schedule meetings and business deals without worrying about time zones. The platform takes into account the current meeting schedule of the participants and scans the time zones to match the 1:1 meeting composition.

    Using Only One Meeting Delegate

    When it comes to 1:1 meetings, one delegate may not be enough to represent all the necessary features of an institution or company. The b2match event management software enables your users to create company profiles that are linked to all the users who are a part of those organizations. Hosting 1:1 meetings has never been easier thanks to our online event networking platform. The guest doesn’t necessarily have to be registered for the event for complete access, participants can easily send them invitations for a specific meeting.

    Avoiding Agendas

    The main goal of any networking event is to foster connections between attendees. Many organizers choose to avoid using agendas in order to create a more relaxed and open atmosphere that is conducive to building relationships and making connections.

    But, with the b2match event networking software everything is possible. It aids in meeting management and directs you through the subjects that must be covered. Using the matchmaking sessions in the event’s agenda will help you save time and provide a clear set of topics, objectives, and time frames for 1:1 meetings.

    The b2match AI event matchmaking platform can analyze attendees’ activity, profiles and interests to ensure that attendees are connected with others who have similar interests or goals. One-on-one meetings can be integrated into the agenda as structured networking sessions.

    Neglecting the Follow-Up

    Following up after the meeting is crucial in order to maintain the connections made during the networking event and ensure that attendees can build on their relationships in the future.

    If appropriate, schedule follow-up meetings with attendees to continue the conversation by using b2match virtual or hybrid event networking platform. They include features designed to facilitate networking, such as one-on-one chats and other tools that make it easier to connect with other attendees.

    It’s important to strike a balance between structure and flexibility to ensure that the event is enjoyable for all your participants. One-on-one networking can be a powerful tool for building professional relationships, advancing careers, and expanding networks. Different features of our event matchmaking software can offer you quick fixes and provide you with all the tools you need to organize one-on-one meetings flawlessly. Contact us and discover them now.

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