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b2match Mobile Event App: Exploring Your Events Ecosystem with Guidance

Jan 15, 20242 min read

There is something extra we added to our mobile event app to make it truly special. We've crafted a dedicated space for AI-powered and data-driven recommendations, exclusively available on the mobile app.

The Explore page not only engages but also guides your participants through their event experience, providing smart AI meeting suggestions, the latest marketplace opportunities, and plenty of event highlights — all organized in various categories for easier navigation.

Personalized Matches Just for You

The Explore page takes the meaning of targeted matchmaking to a whole new level bringing it closer to the participants! Gone are the days of generic profile recommendations. Now, with a stronger AI Recommendation algorithm, the new b2match mobile event app delivers matches tailored specifically to your participants' preferences and interests.

It analyzes user interactions, such as profile views and messaging patterns, to recognize user preferences, providing tailored profile recommendations to enhance user engagement. Participants can dive into the "My Matches" section to find profiles that resonate with them, ensuring they meet their best-fit connections.

My Matches.pngMy Matches.png
Image: The "My Matches" section showing AI Profile Recommendations

Meet the New Arrivals

Early bird gets the worm, but what about those who join the event a bit later?

Allow your participants to keep their finger on the pulse of your event community. The 'New Arrivals' section showcases profiles of participants who've recently joined the event, offering fresh networking opportunities for everyone.

Extra Visibility for Your Sponsors and Speakers

Everyone appreciates special attention and being in the spotlight, especially your event's sponsors and speakers! Now, you can elevate their presence and give them even more prominence at your event.

Not only can you showcase them on dedicated speakers' and sponsors' pages on both the b2match event networking platform and mobile app, but now they get a place on the Explore page, too. It's our way of ensuring attendees recognize and connect with the voices that matter most.

Image: Speakers and Sponsors shown on the Explore page

Event Highlights in One Place

Let’s face it – scrolling through lengthy lists of participants, marketplace opportunities and event sessions can be overwhelming, especially for event rookies. This is why the Explore page brings all event highlights, conveniently on one page.

Participants can discover all event possibilities, like crowd favorite agenda sessions, international or locally based organizations, latest marketplace opportunities, participants online now, and other personalized, dynamic widgets, offering the latest suggestions on what to do next, thus creating a domino effect of engagement for your participants.

Whether they're on the move or enjoying their morning coffee, your participants can also bookmark profiles they found interesting, schedule meetings, or send messages—all conveniently from one place, making the most of every networking opportunity.

But don’t just take our word for it! Download it on your device from the App Store or Google Play and witness the new and improved b2match event experience for your participants firsthand.

Attention: The Explore Page is only available for b2match next (v7) events.

Watch our video for an immersive glimpse into its incredible features.

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