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Product Update

b2match Mobile Event App Marketplace: Opportunities On the Go!

Jan 15, 20242 min read

We're thrilled to announce another great addition to our new b2match mobile event app, tailor-made for event participants.

Recognizing the significance of the Marketplace feature, we're excited to make it accessible to your participants wherever they may be, enabling them to discover existing opportunities or create their own, all on our updated mobile app!

Instant Access to the Marketplace

Your participants can now access the Marketplace easier and quicker than ever before. You can add the Marketplace widget to your event’s home screen, providing your participants with one-tap access to the Marketplace.

Marketplace widget.pngMarketplace widget.png
Image: The Marketplace widget shown on the Home Screen.

Discover Extraordinary Opportunities

Our Marketplace showcases all the opportunities that participants have created on dedicated opportunity cards. These opportunity cards display the opportunity title, type, and, if available, images or videos. Additionally, they include tags relevant to the opportunity type and showcase the creator's name and profile picture.

Marketplace list.pngMarketplace list.png
Image: Opportunity cards shown on the Marketplace.

Effortless Marketplace Navigation

Navigating the Marketplace has never been simpler. Your participants can sort the Marketplace by relevance or by the date of creation. The b2match mobile event app offers a variety of filters, mirroring the web experience. Participants can filter opportunities by opportunity type or search for specific opportunity titles within the list.

To save time for your participants and eliminate the need for constant Marketplace refreshing to discover the most recent opportunities, they can now find the latest Marketplace opportunities conveniently on the Explore page, where you can find all event highlights in one place.

To save your participants time and to eliminate the need to constantly refresh the Marketplace to discover the latest opportunities, your participants can find latest Marketplace opportunities on the Explore page, where you can find all event highlights in one place.

Dive Deeper into Opportunity Details

Participants can access additional information about a specific opportunity by tapping on it within the Marketplace list. This action leads them to the dedicated Single Opportunity page, where they can learn more about the opportunity.

Here, participants can access the opportunity creator's details, schedule a meeting, send a message, or bookmark them for future reference. They can also explore detailed descriptions and additional files to learn more about the opportunity.

Image: Single Opportunity Page displaying information about an opportunity.

Create Opportunities on the Fly

But wait, there's more! In addition to browsing the Marketplace, participants can now create new opportunities directly through the b2match mobile event app. They can choose the opportunity type, write a title and description, and fine-tune the details while on the move.

Creating an opportunity.pngCreating an opportunity.png
Image: Creating a Marketplace opportunity on the b2match mobile event app.

Embark on new event journeys with our rebuilt mobile app! Watch our video for an immersive glimpse into its incredible features.

Check out more exclusive, in-depth previews of the enhanced b2match mobile event app features, like the home screen and organization profiles, available today. Your b2match experience is about to get even better!

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