Job Fair Software for Successful Recruiting Events

Discover the advantages of a career fair platform that specializes in matchmaking. Bring together ideal applicants and recruiters with less effort and increase interview numbers.

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Job Fair Software for Successful Recruiting Events

Features That Let Your Job Fair Thrive

Job Board

Companies publish detail rich job posts that are easily searchable. Job applicants can browse, inform themselves, and apply directly to the companies.

Job fair boards can be adapted and extended with custom fields, documents, images, videos etc, to perfectly convey relevant content.

Job Fair Company Pages

Give added visibility to businesses via dedicated job fair company pages where applicants can be sent directly to listed company representatives.

On the pages, companies can present themselves as well as jobs they are offering.

Job Fair Applicant Profiles

Guide and enable applicants to create searchable profiles where they add area of study, year of study, work experience, activities, etc.

All profiles are visible in the job seeker participant category and can be enriched with CVs, documents, images and videos.

Hiring Event Application Process

Make recruiting a two way process. To find the best match, both businesses and applicants actively utilize the highly targeted search function to browse job boards or job seeker profiles.

They then initiate connections via messaging and request interviews directly. When accepted, interview meetings get integrated into their personalized agenda.

Job Fair Mobile App

Offer a career fair mobile app that attendees download to stay up-to-date about the career fair program and interviews they’ve arranged.

An Event Management Software for Job Fairs

Attract job seekers and recruiters by creating a career fair that generates valuable interviews. b2match turns your career fair into a highly searchable job board where job seekers and job opportunities can match - enabling applicants and companies to easily connect, communicate and arrange interviews.

  • Website Builder (CMS) & Agenda

    Assemble a multi-page website and add keynotes, breakouts, virtual workshops, 1:1 interview sessions.

  • Registration & Invitation Management

    Send invitations, create different attendee types as well as define registration time frame and rules.

  • Emails, Messaging & Notifications

    Send and track custom email campaigns and activate auto notifications with predefined messages.

  • AI Meeting Recommender

    Let AI do the work. Offer attendees the possibility to get recommendations on whom to connect with.

  • Automatically Booked Interview Slots

    Organize on-site interviews with minimal effort. Meetings are automatically placed to the booth or tables in a given time slot.

  • Interviews via Video Conferencing

    Let attendees meet online. Any type of meeting is possible through integrated tool, from 1-to-1 to 1-to-many when more interviewers are needed.

  • Data, Analytics & Reporting

    Understand your career fair’s impact via data that measures registrations, interview meeting ratings, and more.

  • Post Event Matchmaking

    Keep the channel open. Let your attendees use the platform to arrange interviews even when the main event has ended already.

  • Branding

    Fully brand your event - colors, fonts, logos and more - to get the right look and feel.

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JobFair Creates Career Day That Businesses Want to Attend

JobFair was established as an initiative of the Career Service Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, as an annual event of career day with the aim of creating a link between the academic world and the job market.

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