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Product Update

Before and After: How the Redesigned b2match next Elevates the User Experience

May 23, 20232 min read

At b2match, we're always looking for ways to improve the user experience for our event planners. That's why we're excited to announce b2match next - our redesigned event management software, featuring a sleek new look and improved functionality.

In this concise before and after blog post, we'll take a closer look at the design improvements made to the platform's marketplace, home page editor, networking, participant profile, meetings, and organization profile.

1. Marketplace


As you know, the marketplace provides a range of options, such as the ability for individuals and organizations to create and advertise their business opportunities, goods, services, inventions, job postings, and more. To be as user-friendly as possible, it required a makeover.

Old MarketplaceOld Marketplace
Image: Marketplace in the old b2match version.


The event marketplace is now more streamlined and visually appealing, providing a simpler and smoother browsing experience for attendees.

Participants can choose between list view and grid view, improving the user experience and making it more adaptable. Additionally, your participants can now decide to link the opportunity with their organization page or only with their participant profile, which gives them more power and flexibility.

Marketplace list viewMarketplace list view
Image: The improved event marketplace displayed in list view.

2. Home Page Editor


We noticed that the old home page editor was somewhat complicated to interact with, making it difficult for you to create a unique and engaging event website.

Home Page Editor OldHome Page Editor Old
Image: The old event website editor.


No more struggling with a cluttered home page builder, our new event website editor simplifies the process making it a breeze to create a page that looks and feels exactly the way you want it to.

It offers a range of sections, allowing you to create a personalized and visually appealing event website that reflects your brand and message with a responsive and accessible design.

Reorder sections.pngReorder sections.png

3. Networking and Meetings


Since the emergence of hybrid events, the networking experience became more complicated to manage and meeting locations needed to be even more adjustable, so that attendees don't struggle to find relevant matches and schedule meetings.

Old Meetings pageOld Meetings page
Image: The old Meetings website page.


As one of our main priorities, the entire event networking experience has been completely overhauled. We have improved our AI profile recommender and added a streamlined meeting scheduling system that makes it easy for attendees to connect with others.

New Meetings PageNew Meetings Page
Image: The new Meetings website page.

4. Participant and Organization Profile


The participant and organization profiles lacked some clarity and were not entirely intuitive to use. This lowered the participant's ability to effectively showcase their brand and mission.

OLD Company ProfileOLD Company Profile
Image: The old company profile.
Old Participant ProfileOld Participant Profile
Image: The old participant profile.


The updated and redesigned participant and company profiles now offer a more comprehensive range of information, including interests, skills, and biographies, enabling attendees to connect with relevant matches more easily. It is more intuitive, connected so that the user flows through the platform, accessing all data with minimum effort.

New Company profileNew Company profile
Image: The new and freshly designed Company profile.
New Participant profileNew Participant profile
Image: The new and upgraded Participant profile.

To sum up, the b2match b2b matchmaking platform has undergone a significant transformation in 2023. These updates have revolutionized the event networking experience, making it easier and more efficient for organizers and attendees alike.

By addressing common pain points and providing a more intuitive, customizable, and enjoyable user experience, our software can help event planners save time, reduce stress, and deliver an exceptional experience for attendees.

If you're ready to elevate your event planning experience, give our redesigned software a try and see the difference for yourself.

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