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Create the Perfect Event $$Landing Page$$

Rich event home pages

Customize Your Event Landing Page Any Way You Want

An attractive landing page increases registration numbers and allows you to share all relevant information in one place. Create yours with just a few clicks.

Create a striking hero image and increase the visual identity of your event.

Words are powerful. Give your website visitors and participants important event information and leave a mark with strong copy.

Add relevant infographics, images and videos to attract more attendees.

Enrich your landing page with downloadable files such as brochures, venue maps, presentations and other.

Catch more attention by showing interesting event statistics like the total number of meetings, marketplace opportunities, messages sent or profile views.

Is your event international? Display the number of participants from all countries to emphasize your event's reach.


Multiple Subpages Make Organized Content

  • Create separate subpages where you can write instructions, upload content, and more
  • Choose whether the content on a subpage is visible to unregistered visitors or not
  • Hide subpages from the navigation, making them only available via direct link

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