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Cheat Sheet With Tips for In-Person Networking Events


    Feb 27, 20233 min read

    Individuals can network and create relationships with others in their industry during networking events, as well as exchange their ideas. When you decide to hold an in-person networking event as an organizer, you are responsible for bringing people together and avoiding any mishaps that can happen at a live event.

    So, how do you put together a good physical networking event? Create a remarkable event networking experience by utilizing our b2match in-person networking platform.

    We bring you quick tips on how to make the most of all the benefits of using our platform.

    Personalized home page

    An attractive event website serves as the foundation for planning your next networking event. The b2match event networking platform allows you to do this with just a few clicks.

    Your landing page should be created with the goal to capture the curiosity of your visitors while also providing all relevant information. Important information such as the time. date, and location of the onsite event, as well as the speakers and presenters, should be included. Include details on the event’s theme and goals as well. This will provide participants with a clear knowledge of what to expect from your event and assist them in defining if it is a good choice for them. Don’t forget to include clear registration instructions. Making your event landing page as user-friendly and informative as much as you can, helps ensure the success of your event.

    Session management tool

    Despite the upturn in technology and more and more popular virtual events, in-person events remain a popular choice. In-person events are usually limited by space. In order to have a seating schedule that updates automatically, use the b2match event matchmaking software.

    Organizers define locations and assign them seating numbers. Once the limit is reached, no new participants will be able to sign up for the event.

    Extra tip: Define session locations. Ensure that your participants have a clear event agenda overview.

    Personal agenda

    Allowing your participants to build their own agenda is important for several reasons:

    • Outlines the goals of the event
    • Increases efficiency
    • Facilitates planning and preparation
    • Improves communication

    Allowing your attendees to make their personal agenda prior to the event helps ensures that everyone involved is on the same page and working towards the same goals. By having a clear agenda, participants can stay focused and avoid wasting time on finding meeting partners at the event.

    Smart matchmaking before the event

    Artificial intelligence can make wonders nowadays. The b2match AI event matchmaking technology improves participants’ engagement before, during, and after the event.

    By utilizing our AI-powered profile recommender attendees will be provided with the best profile recommendations. The matchmaking algorithm matches attendees based on their professional interests, expertise and activities on the platform. Your attendees will be thankful, believe us. It will help them find their b2b meeting partners on the event platform avoiding all the fuss on the day of the event.

    Cutting edge technology

    The b2match mobile event networking app makes b2b networking more organized and efficient. It allows participants features like sending and receiving meeting requests, exchanging messages and managing their agenda.

    A complete participants list with AI-powered profile recommendations gives an overview of all participants and cues on who is online at the moment to simplify the matchmaking process for you and your attendees. Participants can stay in touch even after the event has ended and nurture post-event networking.

    Event check-in app

    A positive first impression at your event is made by simple and smooth checking in. Our event check-in app makes quick check-ins for your participants at many locations for events and sessions from any smartphone or tablet. When entering, you can check the participants' QR Code and make sure they are on the participants’ list.


    Follow up with your participants after the event to maintain connections, build trust and demonstrate professionalism. Send emails, enable meeting ratings or send out event surveys directly from your organizers tool.

    These tips will help you plan a successful networking event that creates an impact on your participants using the b2match in person event networking software. Sing up for a demo or contact us today.

    Inspired? Get in Touch and Let Us Help Make Your Next Event a Success.

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