Mobile Event Management App Increases Connectivity

b2match announces another powerful tool in our event management solution - the b2match mobile app

Mobile Event Management App Increases Connectivity

When it comes to an event´s success, event organizers always mention the importance of offering a mobile app for higher participants satisfaction. So we here at b2match kept that on top of our list when thinking of new ways to improve our event management and b2b matchmaking services.

Quickly it was clear that we needed to come up with a powerful app that would not only deliver all the information of the organizers´ events, but also enhance the participants´ business matchmaking process.

We are proud to announce another powerful tool in our Event Management Toolbox - The b2match Mobile App


After 38 intensive interviews with current clients and event participants the seven most important features of the brand-new b2match app were clear:

  1. Accessing Multiple Events
  2. Schedule and Manage b2b Meetings On-site
  3. Event Information
  4. Personal Agenda Including b2b Meetings
  5. Browsing Other Attendees´ Profiles
  6. Updates and Notifications
  7. Offline Availability

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