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Organizing In-person Events in 2023: Level Up Your Event Planning


    Mar 20, 20234 min read

    Are you ready to take your event planning to the next level in 2023? As the world slowly emerges from the pandemic, in-person events are coming back, and there's never been a better time to hone your skills and plan unforgettable experiences for your attendees.

    This article will explore some of the latest trends and strategies for organizing successful in-person events in 2023. From venue selection and live streaming to branding and marketing, we'll cover all the essential elements of event planning and show you how to take your events from ordinary to extraordinary.

    Whether you're a seasoned event professional or just starting out, this article is your ultimate guide to organizing in-person events that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and prepare to level up your event planning in 2023!

    Choose an all-in-one in-person event networking platform

    Planning a successful networking event is not an easy feat. From organizing attendees and scheduling meetings to managing registrations and monitoring event metrics, there are countless factors to consider. That's why choosing the right event software is crucial to the success of your event. Enter b2match the all-in-one in-person event networking platform that streamlines the entire networking process.

    With b2match, event organizers can effortlessly create and manage their events, from customizing registration forms and branding to scheduling meetings and generating reports. Plus, b2match's advanced matchmaking algorithm ensures that attendees are connected with the right people based on their preferences and interests.

    But that's not all - it also offers a variety of features such as real-time messaging, video calls, and virtual meeting rooms that enable attendees to network and collaborate seamlessly. So, if you're looking for a comprehensive networking solution that will take your event to the next level, choose b2match - the ultimate event matchmaking tool.

    Finding a right venue

    One of the most important decisions you'll make when planning an event is selecting the right venue. The venue sets the tone for the entire event and has a large impact on the attendee experience. When choosing a venue, consider factors such as location, capacity, layout, and amenities. Consider the type of event you're planning and the expected number of attendees. Is the venue easily accessible, and does it have plenty of parking or public transportation? Is the venue's layout suitable for your event's requirements, such as networking, exhibits, or breakout sessions? Is the venue equipped with essential amenities such as audiovisual equipment, catering, and Wi-Fi?

    These are all important factors to consider when selecting the right venue. Before making a final decision, it's also critical to visit the venue in person and ask lots of questions. With careful thought and research, you can find the ideal venue to make your event memorable for your attendees.

    Help your participants create their personal agenda

    You can now allow attendees to easily fill their event networking agenda with personalized sessions and meetings relevant to their event goals with our easy-to-use b2match agenda builder.

    • Attendees can easily download their PDF agenda through their phone
    • They can easily use a list of all meetings and sessions with details about the schedule, location, and other attendees
    • You as an organizer, can easily access all PDF agendas and print them out for your participants

    With multiple sessions and meetings to keep track of, networking events can be overwhelming for participants. That's where b2match's agenda-building features come in, allowing attendees to create a customized schedule that maximizes their networking opportunities. Participants can use the b2match event matchmaking platform to browse the event agenda and choose which sessions, workshops, and meetings they want to attend.

    Participants can also filter sessions by track, date, and time, making it easy to find events that match their interests and availability. Furthermore, the advanced smart scheduling algorithm used by b2match ensures that attendees are matched with the most relevant people and sessions based on their preferences and interests. The agenda builder even syncs with the calendars of participants, ensuring that they never miss a meeting or session.

    Broadcast your in-person event

    In-person event networking is extremely valuable, but not everyone is able to attend it physically. That's where live streaming comes in, extending the reach of your event and connecting with a larger audience.

    Live streaming your in-person networking event can be a great way to engage with remote attendees, raise brand awareness, and generate leads. Also, live streaming your in-person networking event has never been easier with b2match's virtual event networking platform. b2match allows you to broadcast your event in real time, allowing remote attendees to view keynote speeches, sessions, and panels. It also includes virtual networking capabilities, allowing remote attendees to connect with in-person attendees and schedule virtual meetings.

    With these easy steps, you can ensure you every next event will be memorable and help your attendees make great meaningful connections. So, why wait? Hurry up, grab our free demo version and try effort-free networking planning!

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