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Job Speed Networking: How it Works


Nov 16, 20226 min read

One of the most beneficial things a person can do to launch and manage their business is to engage in networking events. The key to being effective both personally and professionally is to develop a network of interrelated relationships with others. In the modern workplace, we must make ourselves known to others and let them know how they may use us as a valuable asset. Having a network of people you can turn to for knowledge, guidance, and opportunities while also contributing your own is crucial whether you're a student, young professional, or experienced professional.

Speed networking has developed as a new way to meet people over the past several years in place of more conventional business networking events.

But what precisely is speed networking?

What is speed networking?

Speed networking is a planned, quick-paced networking that enables participants to connect through a series of short one-on-one information exchanges. You may think of it as job speed dating, which is, like speed dating in general, an event where participants are given a short time to meet multiple possible “dates”, one at a time, and then choose whom they would want to exchange contact information with. There are, however, some similarities and differences to traditional networking. The main distinction is that, compared to other traditional networking events, speed networking is typically more direct and concise.

Traditional networking is commonly more relaxed and unstructured. People are free to engage and converse with whomever they want, even though these events may include conferences, workshops, trade shows, seminars, and other events that promote interaction. Occasionally there are dozens of unfamiliar faces in the room, while other times, there are people you already know. Unfortunately, even though this traditional approach might foster strong relationships, some participants may leave the event without engaging with anyone new.

On the other side, speed networking compels its attendees to network with each other and make new, more random connections. Participants engage in brief conversations with everyone in the room as part of the predetermined activities to identify potential contacts.

What is a speed networking event?

A speed networking event is a fantastic opportunity to encounter people from various professions. During these meetings, professionals can easily exchange contact information and occasionally arrange follow-up appointments. That offers many opportunities for business expansion and beneficial collaborations. There is no need for small talk because everyone who participates has come for the sole goal of networking. After the meeting, it is customary for these events to get straight to business, which professionals greatly appreciate.

Before we get into some speed networking event ideas, it’s important to know all the advantages and disadvantages of speed networking.

Speed networking advantages and disadvantages

Speed networking has certain advantages, including the chance to meet companies operating in similar or different industries who may eventually become possible providers. Attending a career speed networking event in the form of a job or career fair can help young, ambitious students discover new opportunities. Through these occasions, students can schedule interviews with various businesses and find internships or employment opportunities. Additionally, speed networking fosters synergies that lead to developing new prospects through collaboration. During such an event, you will meet a lot of entrepreneurs in one day, which also saves you time and money you would have otherwise spent on travel and advertising.

The event's disadvantage is the sparse and quick interaction between the two parties. Because of this, people struggle to communicate effectively with those who express interest which decreases the number of opportunities. Due to the enthusiasm generated by the too-enthusiastic crowd and the fact that time is limited, the seemingly organized event may become chaotic. This is where a job speed networking platform comes in handy.

After you've carefully analyzed all the benefits and drawbacks of such an event, let us answer the main question: How to run a speed networking event?

1. Utilize a speed networking tool

Organizing a speed networking event can be quite a challenge, especially if it's your first time hosting one. The expected number of participants, the staff, the companies and recruiting agencies you'll work with, and the resources you'll set aside for the event are all things to keep in mind. To ease your work, make use of a job speed networking platform.

The target audience for your event and the elements that will be useful and essential to its success, such as customer service, customization options, interactive tools, security, and analytics, should be considered when deciding on the best speed networking platform.

The b2match career speed dating platform raises the bar for virtual speed networking! b2match employs AI-powered matchmaking to find the perfect match between your attendees. The b2match online career fair platform also offers applicant profiles, which allow job seekers to create and customize their profiles to appeal to potential employers, and company pages, which enable companies to design their pages and attract job seekers. You can also use job boards, where businesses post searchable job posts enhanced with files, images, and videos.

Another great advantage when using b2match is the option to construct and create company pages, which are essentially virtual booths, with b2match. You can set up resources like videos, info packets, virtual tours, guest speaker live broadcasts, and company representatives available for in-depth interviews.

2. Reduce the time spent on registration

The platform you employ to handle registrations and your marketing strategies will also improve attendees' experiences and support the success of your event. Your form should be brief. By overwhelming users with questions, you face the risk of preventing them from finishing the registration process.

Using b2match, you can manage the data users enter during registration and the appearance of their profiles. To encourage more people to participate, you might choose b2match to create several ticket types, personalize the registration form to the participant group, and provide promotional codes. You can even set a cap on the number of people who can register for the entire event or specific sessions.

3. Find the suitable method

If organizing a successful speed networking event is something you're considering, you should first do your research. Organizers use different techniques to plan their speed networking events. There are three most popular ways to set up the job speed networking. These consist of:

Round Robin

Such a model involves encounters with a predetermined sequence that introduces your participants to other attendees. A buzzer signals the beginning of the meeting, and during this initial round, participants exchange vital information. The host begins the second round after the first one is over. During an hour-long Round Robin round, a participant can make a maximum of 10 contacts.

Station Based

The meetings between various participants in such a speed networking model are scheduled before the event. This is made feasible by the data provided in the pre-survey that participants filled out. Additionally, participants choose which experts they want to meet during the speed networking. During an hour-long station based session, a participant can make a maximum of 10 contacts.


The group-based strategy is the most successful of the three and it is most popular on in-person job fairs. The attendees at each table have a specific amount of time to introduce themselves. Each table may contain 4–10 people. Because the b2match event matchmaking platform develops a seating arrangement that supports the formation of valuable contacts, the chances of success at such events are very high.

It takes more than just skills and knowledge to be successful professionally. Event networking is crucial to build your business contacts list and discover new opportunities. What better or faster way to do that then career speed networking? So, next time you're considering organizing a career fair, recruitment event or job fair, try a job speed networking platform.

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