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Greener Event Networking Tips for Organizers

Britta Pichler

Jun 13, 20223 min read

It can be difficult to make event networking more sustainable and green - especially if you're on a budget. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Do Your Research

Before you start planning, it's important to do your research and figure out what sustainability means to you and your event networking goals.

What are your goals?

  • Is it to raise awareness and inspire change?
  • Generate cost savings?
  • What kind of impact do you want to make?

Once you have a good understanding of your goals, you can start planning accordingly.

2. Make a Plan

Once you know what you want to achieve, it's time to start making a plan.

How can you make your event networking conference more sustainable?

One of the greatest impacts on the environment is travel. Ask yourself if you can create a virtual or hybrid networking event instead of a purely physical one.

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The pandemic proved that virtual and hybrid events work. Attendee numbers increased per event. International connections grew as people from all over the world could participate in one event. Because, yes, virtual and hybrid event networking is possible, when done right.


However, we all know that event participants are eager to get back to in-person networking events. So what changes can you make to reduce your environmental impact? Are there any green initiatives you can support?


A great place to start is with an eco-friendly hotel as an event location. An eco-friendly hotel works to reduce its environmental impact by employing sustainable best practices in maintenance, services, and supply chains. Measures may include reducing energy and water consumption, aiming for zero waste generation, and using environmentally friendly products.

Also, pick a location that is centrally located for easy walking and easily accessible by train. Encourage your attendees to travel to the event by rail. Let them know of great ways to get around without the use of a car.

Once you have a plan on how you want to go green, you can start implementing changes for your event networking conference.

Untitled design - 2022-06-10T110527.452.pngUntitled design - 2022-06-10T110527.452.png

3. Educate Your Event Attendees

One of the best ways to make your event networking conference more sustainable is to educate your attendees about sustainability.

Help your attendees go paperless with a mobile event networking app. They simply download the app to make conference check in faster and smoother with a QR code.

The mobile event app will also display the event agenda and all the attendee’s scheduled meetings so they don’t have to print anything.

A mobile event app is also a great way for the event organizer to stay in contact with the participants through push notifications.

BlogNewsletterLinkedIn 1200x600 (Twitter Post).pngBlogNewsletterLinkedIn 1200x600 (Twitter Post).png

Help event attendees to recycle with trash can clusters of paper, plastic, and general waste. Make sure they are marked clearly so participants know what goes where. Remind attendees to only take what they need. One paper napkin will do instead of three. Ask them to reuse glasses and plates when possible.

4. Make Wise Catering Choices

Agriculture and food waste are one of the biggest contributors to a negative environmental impact. There are so many ways to reduce this for your event networking conference while making your attendees happy, supporting local business and increasing the positive reputation of your event.

The easiest way to achieve all that is to go regional. Work with a caterer who will source food regionally. It’s fresher, better tasting and healthier. Why not also reduce the meat offering? Instead of offering chicken, beef and fish, offer chicken, fish and vegetarian. You’ll see that simple choice helps with your event networking conference budget too.

A Few Simple Changes Make All the Difference

When it comes to event networking conferences, making them more sustainable and green is a huge priority for many. There are a few key ways to go about this, and it really starts with the planning process. Hosting at an eco-friendly location, working with green vendors, and offsetting your carbon footprint are all great ways to make your event networking conference more sustainable. Keep these tips in mind next time you're planning an event, and help make a difference for the planet.

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