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3 Exhibitor Tools Organizers Need for Virtual and Hybrid Events

Britta Pichler

May 20, 20212 min read

There are complexities to translating events into virtual or hybrid experiences. There is a list of criteria that needs to be met to ensure that not just event participants are happy, but exhibitors as well. An event organizer needs to find the right all in one event management software to do this.

Event exhibitors at a trade show or a hosted buyer program for example, no matter the type of event, are looking to the event organizer to be their guide through the hybrid or virtual event experience. They need to work on a platform that will not only allow them to display their products and services, but to connect with the participants. Exhibitors need to be drawn in and included in the b2b matchmaking that is vital to the success of hybrid and virtual events.

At b2match we know this. That’s why we have created advanced event exhibitor features for event organizers to offer up. These features include:

Virtual Booths

Dedicated exhibitor rooms which online visitors can join impromptu and where they can start the conversation.

Company page with the highlighted Join virtual booth button.Company page with the highlighted Join virtual booth button.
Image: Company page with the Join virtual booth button.

Hosted Sessions

Scheduled sessions hosted by the exhibitors where they can elaborate on their products and services.

Agenda with an opened Hosted session window with the information of the company hosting the session.Agenda with an opened Hosted session window with the information of the company hosting the session.
Image: Hosted session shown in the event agenda.

Lead Retrieval

Exhibitors gather virtual business cards from the event participants.

Being able to deliver these features to exhibitors is great. However, event organizers should be aware that exhibitors need some extra support on how to have a successful event using for example a hybrid trade show software.

While facilitating numerous events, b2match has observed the following best practices.

Content is King for Virtual and Hybrid Events

For hybrid and virtual event networking, content becomes king. Exhibitors need to be encouraged to fill out their profile and more importantly their marketplace entries to full potential. This includes uploading photos, videos, brochures, files. Any way of communicating information in an easy to consume, interesting way.

Enticing Offers for Virtual and Hybrid Event Participants

Like in-person networking events, exhibitors need to create enticing offers for virtual and hybrid event participants to attend their booths. A special discount or a unique opportunity for event participants for example.

Promote Your Virtual and Hybrid Event Exhibitors

Exhibitors can’t do it alone. They need to have some promotion space. Think about placing them on your event website, emails, agendas, and event app push notifications. Include them in your social media event efforts. Another opportunity is for them to create waiting room images attendees can look at and read while they wait for their next virtual or hybrid meeting to begin. Another idea is for exhibitors to create a video that plays during breaks.

While organizing virtual or hybrid event networking, it is important to offer the right event networking platform and support to exhibitors.

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